Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Must Look Past What We See...

There really isn't much of anything that makes my heart happier than to deeply appreciate mankind! It warms my heart to watch shows like The Biggest Loser and to see men and women encourage each other in times of enormous obstacles. To see a stranger lend someone a caring hand in times of need.

These sort of acts remind me how we might all be so different in many ways, but at the inner core, we are made up of the same things!

My recent discovery of the Susan Boyle "clip" has brought me nothing short of that extreme warmth and love for mankind! Her clip on Britain's Got Talent reminded me in many ways of when I first saw the clip of the other Britain's Got Talent extraordinaire Paul Potts (who I loved and downloaded his album) a couple years ago. It's a person that at first glance might be easily judged. Someone that might be shoved assigned in the professional world. Mr. Potts was a cell phone salesman, and Ms. Boyle is unemployed. Someone who might be rejected in the romance department -- Ms. Boyle has never been kissed in her 47 years of taking part in this world.

Many of us in life might not have the Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston looks (sorry, had to put them together, because they are two of the most "perfect" looking individuals in my opinion). We might have a stutter, bushy eyebrows, ache, a lazy eye, or even untamed hair, but does that define our character? Does that mean we are any less of a person than the next?

I know people who get disgusted by watching The Biggest Loser because they don't like seeing the limited clothing state in which the individuals find themselves in when going to the weigh-in and they simply can not understand how people can "let themselves get to that point." It's easy to think we are better than someone else. I think we should all strive for the challenge of believing we are of imperfect as the next person and that we are no better than someone else. We must look past what we see on the outside, whether it is what the media would tell us to be beautiful or not. We must remember that sometimes our strengths are simply hidden beneath the imperfections that might stand out at first.

As in Ms. Boyle's case, don't be afraid to give a person a chance to shine, even if your first thought is shaded by doubt.

You can see Ms. Boyle's clip here if you haven't seen it already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY
[It gives me chills and warms my heart each and every time I watch it. She is just sooo cute to me!]