Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Religion Discussion via AIM -- Part II

This is part II of my religious chat on AIM with one of my friends. If you didn't read part I, I recommend you read that part first before reading this one.

Friend (8:49:00 PM): (random question that just popped in my head. you said that how we got here - the creation question - doesn't really matter. but if you answer that question, doesn't that prove/disprove the existence of God?)
Me (8:50:00 PM): uhh...i suppose, but if you're not out to answer that question....the creation question....then why does it matter
Friend (8:50:27 PM): it would matter if you were out to decide whether or not you believed in God.
Me (8:51:09 PM): well actually...then...i can say that those questions are kinda like the chicken and the's hard to prove one without the other
Friend (8:52:05 PM): hard to prove? yes...but i do have my own theories about those questions (which are prolly a little too logical and kinda hard to explain)
Me (8:52:17 PM): most people decided they believe in God...thus they chose the creation story
Friend (8:52:37 PM): i don't think we can go through live only believing and disbelieving whatever we see proof of....whether we're talking about God or not.
Me (8:53:08 PM): that's why i'm from "The Show-Me State" and you're not
Me (8:53:15 PM): tee hee hee
Friend (8:53:16 PM): lol
Friend (8:53:18 PM): nice
Me (8:53:21 PM): i thought that was funny ;-)
Friend (8:53:34 PM): it was a good one :-)
Me (8:54:43 PM): well....i fear you've gotten more of the deep religious talk than you asked for when you said you would be interested in discussing such topics
Friend (8:55:08 PM): never. i can't get too much. Of course, i do think conversations are much more fun when both ppl believe something one way or the other. the riding-the-fence undecided stuff isn't as fun. :-)
Me (8:57:34 PM): and what do you mean by that? i haven't ridden the fence
Friend (8:58:07 PM): i mean it'd be more fun to talk about God if you either believed in him or didn't believe in him...that's all i meant by "riding the fence."
Me (8:58:30 PM): i've been completely honest with you on where i stand...which is actually something i normally find hard to do with my friends based on the fear that it will change people's views for the negative...especially really religious friends
Friend (8:58:53 PM): i know. & i'm glad.
Me (8:58:48 PM): okay then....i can take the stance that i don't, because i have more theories on not believing it
Friend (8:59:40 PM): haha. no no. i want you to take the stance on what you believe. NOT what you can argue the best
Me (9:02:17 PM): i can tell you this....i've had no "pull" or strong desire toward wanting to be religious..... i can tell you the one time i really pretty strongly wanted myself to believe was this past fall when my friend died...i just wanted to see him again...i wanted to get to talk to him again...and i thought, well if that would be the only way, then that's what i need, but even with that wanting, i couldn't convince myself to believe, thus i knew i couldn't "be baptized and if it were true it would all work out in the end and i'd get to see my friend again", if you don't believe it, it doesn't matter how many times you take the plunge, it won't be "authentic" i suppose i could call it
Friend (9:02:59 PM): tru dat
Me (9:03:42 PM): i don't take this side just to argue it.....i suppose it is my side....i dont' think this will make sense but, as it stands I don't "believe in God," however, I dont' claim His non-existence. I wont' say there isnt' a God, because I dont' know....but if there is one, i don't believe in Him as it stands currently
Friend (9:04:19 PM): it makes sense. but it also sounds like you're waiting for proof one way or the other.
Me (9:04:30 PM): that's it...i need to convince myself
Me (9:05:14 PM): i've said it before to people.....sometimes I want to believe it in my heart, but i just can't get my head to go along...i can't convince's basically like that situation i explained when my friend died
Friend (9:05:11 PM): but clearly, you won't be able to convince yourself based on proof. you were right in saying that there's no way to prove one way or the other.
Me (9:05:49 PM): right...and that's what's led me to the thoughts that....I might never be able to convince myself
Friend (9:06:19 PM): haha. that's actually quite ironic. most ppl that i've talked to have had the problem of knowing stuff in their head and then they have a hard time convincing their hearts.
Me (9:06:39 PM): yep...i'm a weird one..thanks for pointing it out
Me (9:06:54 PM): i think too much...what can i say….i over think things i suppose…but i love it…HA!
Friend (9:07:06 PM): hey. weird is good....and i think too much too.
Me (9:07:35 PM): basically were i stand.....bringing it to our level....i'd need some cognitive therapy to get myself to believe…i'd have to restructure my thoughts i suppose, on the whole issue
Friend (9:08:34 PM): haha. nah, you just need to get your head & heart in sync.
Me (9:08:48 PM): yeah....dang heart never listens to me. However i think it is pretty content with the "love" therapy though ;-)

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