Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday's Paint a Picture...

Becky Degge. I met Becky my sophomore year at ACU when we both pledged the same social club—GATA. As I look back on my time spent as a sister of Becky’s through our social club I sit in awe as I think to myself, “Wow, if only I could have known during that pledging season what kind of a member Becky was going to be for GATA!”

There is no doubt that Becky is one of the most proud and spirited GATA members I have ever seen! She is/was always fondly sporting her red and white! If there was going to be any sort of a GATA event that day, whether it was a rush or a social or an intramural game or whatever, you could always count on Becky to wear some GATA apparel to support her women’s club!

Not only was she very spirited in her pride for her social club, but Becky made sure to be at every GATA event as possible! Now that is one dedicated member! She was the kind of member that I could always count on when considering attendance possibilities as I worked as the club secretary. I knew I could count on Becky to be at events and for that I was very grateful!

In intramurals, if she was not playing on the team, like concerning every other GATA event, you could expect her to be in attendance cheering on her fellow sisters from the sideline! There is no doubt that Becky’s support in intramurals went further on the playing field then she will ever know! I can say from experience that having fan support when you’re playing intramurals is quite possibly one of the most motivating situations, so thank you Becky for that!

As a person who is normally pretty observant of people in situations, one thing I was always impressed with about Becky as I would watch her at GATA events, rushes in particular, was her ability to strike up conversation with just about anyone. She is not a shy individual and because of that, you could always count on Becky to talk with all the potential pledges. Becky is a social individual who makes the most of each opportunity she has to stand up for what she believes!

Not only is Becky a dedicated individual to her social club, but more importantly, to the relationships she has in her life. Though Becky and I are not the closest of friends, I have had the pleasure to hanging out with her on several occasions and though those times spent together as well as the stories I have had the pleasure of hearing from her friends, Becky is an individual who holds her friendships in high regard! Becky is there for her friends they need her and she is going to help them if she can.

I’m honored to call Becky a fellow GATA sister for life! She has definitely made her mark on our social club and she has her place in the GATA history book. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve gotten to joke, laugh, and have fun with Becky! There’s no doubt in my mind that she loves to laugh and have a good time! She was always willing to dress up and/or act goofy with some of us other GATAs!

Becky is a fun girl always willing to talk to you and have a good time! But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Becky is someone whom I am highly proud to call my “friend”. There are so many things I love about her that I’ll probably leave some of them out on accident. One thing that makes Becky such a wonderful person is her sheer interest in people. She’s always “present” when I talk to her. Good friends are there when you need them – for advice, for comfort, for a good laugh. That’s how Becky is. She’s there when her friends ask her for advice. She’s comforting to talk to when the day has not been so comfortable. She’s got a great sense of humor, always up for a good laugh. For those who don’t know Becky personally, they are truly missing out on someone great. Becky is amazing!
Holly Herr

I am privileged to have Becky as one of my friends. Becky is a loyal friend who I know I can always count on. She knows how to have a good time even if not much is going on, and I really enjoy spending time with her.
Whitney Jones-Briscoe

Becky is a great friend because she will sacrifice all that she can for her friends. She is always willing to stop taking a nap and go to the mall, lunch, dinner, a movie. She has priorities in her friends. I am so blessed to know her, and thankful for the time that we were able to hang out... even though it was less than I would have liked. :D
Lindsey Miller

One of my favorite memories is the time we “dressed up” to go hang out at Hardin Simons. Becky came up with a few crazy wigs and feather boas for us to use and we put our bathing suit tops on over our clothes. I must admit, we got a few strange looks that night, but we sure did have a lot of fun!
Whitney Jones-Briscoe

I have many fantastic memories of my time with Becky. For instance, anytime she, my roommate back then, and I, would get together in our apartment we would laugh hysterically, sing songs without caring how we sounded, play Mad Libs, take quizzes from magazines, take funny pictures, randomly practice sing song moves, and do just all kinds of fun stuff like that all night. She would seriously have me CRACKING UP! Also, on a more serious note, there were a few times when I was having a bad day and we’d both decide to hop in my car and just start driving somewhere. We’d chat and, when we’d come back, things always seemed so much better. That’s Becky – great to talk to! Great friend!
Holly Herr

I have so many memories of Becky. I think that one of the best would be when we were in Hot Topic looking for Halloween costumes...and I saw the hottest man alive (and he knows SHOWBREAD *dies*) anyways, a few weeks or so later we were getting church bulletins from churches for one of my class projects (see I told you she was giving)... and he was in the last church that we went to... She was more excited about it than I was haha :) The whole way back from the church we planned our wedding. What a great friend.
Lindsey Miller

Another great memory I have with Becky is dancing on the furniture in my old apartment. It’s great to have a friend that you can just cut lose with like that and not have to worry about what you look like doing it!
Whitney Jones-Briscoe

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