Saturday, January 14, 2006

Want to Be More Positive?

I've been described some as a pretty positive person. They say I tend to find the positive in life. Honestly though, I feel I don't do any "finding," but more that the positive is what I see because of what is important to me. Let me explain...

I once took a "test" that notes your top five strength areas in your life. One of my top five was appreciation/gratitude/thanks. I think you'll know what I thought of that result when I tell you I think that "test" was one of the most accurate tests I've ever taken!

So I was thinking a few minutes ago, and I truly think that that "strength" of mine leads to my seeing the positive in life.

The more I thought about it, I feel that those who take the time to be appreciative and thankful are more likely to be positive people.

Some of my favorite words to use are blessed, honored, thankful, etc. If you think about it and think of how someone has blessed your life, or how you are honored to have known someone, or how you are so thankful to have something, you are focusing on the positive in life!

Try it! I truly believe if you set a goal for yourself to more routinely focus on how honored, blessed, or grateful you are in your life, you'll become more positive. Before you know it, it will become habit and you'll find yourself in a more positive mindset when viewing everyday life situations!

And while internal appreciation is important, externally expressing your thanks is important too! Don't be afraid to tell someone thanks or that you feel blessed to have known them!

I challenge us all to go be more grateful, appreciative and aware of our blessings!


Brandi Jo said...

hey. thanks for your comment on my blog. it's not an "all-the-time" thing with me, just at times it does feel draining...maybe i am an introvert. who knows...

thanks for the encouragement though...and i'm excited about book monday blog series thingy!!

Mark E. Lopez said...

Maybe you're just lucky enough to have a more positive life than some of us ;)