Saturday, November 05, 2005

Coming Soon! A New Blog Series!

The picture caption contest for Monday’s Picture Blog has been discontinued, at least for the time being, but a new Monday’s blog series is on its way!

Let me give you the inspiration behind this new series…

If there is one thing that is at the core of my being it is love. I think giving love, receiving love, showing love, and experiencing love is what makes up a truly happy life! Love is such a powerful thing!

Even the Bible beaters can’t argue with this… And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. [I Corinthians 12:21]

As I was watching an episode of Oprah recently something hit me hard. And yes, I’ve thought about it before, but this episode really just made me think about it. “It” is the idea that some, well actually many people go through life feeling as if nobody loves them. While some feel without love, some even feel incapable of being loved. And actually, it is probably some of you reading this right now.

As someone who knows the power of love, I know how sad it is to only think of what it would be like to not feel the power of love in one form or another. But what I do know is that each person out there IS capable of being loved, no matter WHAT your situation may be.

When referencing those who feel as if nobody loves them, I sometimes think we all can get that way at one point in our life or another, but I think it is then that we need to be reminded of the love we do have that we might have just forgotten about.

My new blog series is going to be a combination of a couple of things I’ve done in my past that I think will benefit others.

First, I have a book you might know about that I made for myself during the summer of 2004. Its title is What Did You Say About Me?!? …the #1 Motivational Book!; I blogged about it here. This book is made up of quotes about me that I have from friends that I gathered off of emails from people, notes from people, comments made during AIM conversations, etc. It’s over 130 pages worth of quotes. This book is an AMAZING source of motivation or a reminder of love that I can turn to whenever I need it.

The second thing from my past that I think relates to this new series is a column I used to write in an alternative newsletter I used to publish for my women’s social club when I went to ACU. This was an alternative newsletter that I took great pride in being one of the main publishers of and it was called “The Canned Meat.” In my final year of publishing I had started a reoccurring column that was called “The Canned Meat Loves _____” in which I would write a special article on an individual or a group of individuals that I thought desired “some love” for something they had done or for simply being the great person and example that they were.

So, considering these two ideas and my firm belief in the power of love, I will be starting a new Monday Blog Series called Monday’s Paint a Picture, which will be sticking with the “Monday Picture Blog” theme! ;)

Monday’s Paint a Picture will be a verbal depiction of a person who is loved by me as well as many others. Through the written confessions I will have about this particular individual who will be honored that week, you should be able to paint a picture of that person in your head, even if you haven’t ever met them.

Not only will this be a great way for those who are honored each week to start their very own #1 Motivational Book, but it will also let others see just what an important, loved person you really are, which I already know you, but I want to make sure YOU know!

Monday I hope to post my first Monday’s Paint a Picture entry. This is actually the “blog experiment” I had mentioned a couple blog entries back. The individual’s who blindly volunteered for that “experiment” are the first individual’s to be honored through the first weeks of this series. Over the past week or so, I’ve been collecting quotes about those particular individual’s from some of the most important people in their lives.

I plan to randomly select from the group of volunteers each week to see who will be honored that Monday. It’s unfortunate, but some of these people’s closest friends are hard to get a hold of…HA! So some people might just have to be put off till later weeks because I haven’t had a good response rate on their “very important people” list.

Whatever the case, I hope you’ll return on Monday to see the first picture painted of one of these individual’s who volunteered for this “experiment”:
Nicole A.
Amanda B.
Katey E.
Jennifer E.
Julie G.

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