Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Oh my gosh! I'm SOOOO overwhelmed (with blog ideas, that is) right now!!

You wouldn't believe the number of sticky-notes and scratch paper scattered around my computer here that have "blog ideas" listed on them! That's my problem! I LOVE to think things out and the only thing I probably like better than that is sharing my thoughts on things with others! HA! Especially in the blog fashion where it is optional to be read. This way use don't have to read unless you're interested yourself!

Unfortunately I get ALL excited about blogging EACH and EVERY night (seriously) then something either comes up, or I know I don't have the time left in my night that is needed to yield the type of blog I know a LOT of these ideas need to be produced in. Sooo...since I fear I'm unable to produce any of these blogs tonight because of time restrictions (I TRY to make my bedtime on weeknights at midnight), I'm going to list the ideas I have for blogging soon (this is sort of a way for me to promise I'll blog on them, because I'm a woman that does her BEST to keep her word):
  • saying "I Love You"
  • hugs
  • the topic of human exorcism (sp?) which was covered on a Dateline special tonight...WHOA..seriously, that was VERY interesting and TOTALLY sparked some thoughts for me (just a preview, I don't believe in it!)
  • my views on going out and getting drunk
  • "I'd dedicate my first book too..."
  • comment on the "Five Friends Every Woman Should Have" article in May's issue of "O" magazine (that's Oprah's magazine)

and the one I've REALLY been wanting to do the last few nights, but haven't been able to because I fear this one will be long because much explanation will be required is...

  • Living a satisfying life without religion

Gosh, I'm really excited about getting those particular thoughts onto paper (as I know I have some readers who are curious to hear them). So I really hope to get to that one soon...sorry it has just taken so long, with all my school stuff and all at the end of the semester it is just keeping me too busy.

Finally, some blog maintenance I'm hoping to do really soon is provide some links on the side of my blog for some of my FAVORITE blog entries from the past. I have TONS of blog throughout this blog (as well as my old blog) and it is hard to skim through them to find interesting ones, and since I know I have gotten some new readers recently, I'd like to provide fast access to some of what I consider to be my better blog entries....

So...until next time...keep your feet on the ground and keep your web-browser coming back here! ;)

Monday, April 25, 2005

What a day...

Okay…I try to avoid the “here’s what I did today” blogs….i do my best to write blogs that are more interesting (in my opinion) to read…ones that might be able to challenge my readers to think about something a little differently than before possibly, but I just HAVE to blog about my happenings of the day because it was just a different sort of day…HA! It wasn’t bad, just different…..some parts funny…some cool…and some just weird…
  • First…went to work this morning. Was working on some more of my Excel data entry and stuff I’ve been working on for the big boss man, and I was having to produce some graphs of some of the information in the worksheets. So I had made this first graph and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to label the data that was on the X-axis (like each individual bar on the bar graph). So when my friend Dawn came in and was talking to me I thought I’d try to ask her if she knew how to do it, but she said, “No, I’ve messed with that exact same thing before for hours before and can’t figure out how to make it do it.” So we were just talking for a minute when Dennis walked in. Well Dennis is the companies contracted “computer guy.” You know, the guy that comes in and gets paid TONS of money an hour to fix all the computer problems in the whole office, and he looked at my graph and was unable to figure it out too. Of course, me being a determined person, I started looking at it some more once he left and figured it out about 5 minutes after he left…HA! And it was actually not even in the section he was telling me to look in! Yes, don’t worry, Dawn was quick to remind me to take note of the money I’m getting paid per hour and then think about what Dennis gets per hour! ;)
  • After work I had to run to Wal-Mart before school to get chapstick since I ran out last night (and I called my uncle Kip and he wouldn’t bring me any over! DANG!). Not only did I get my chapstick but I also bought my first issue of “O” magazine! Yes, that’s Oprah’s magazine and can I tell you this issue is a good one! It is their 5th anniversary issue and it comes with a free insert book that is a collection of Oprah’s “Things I know for sure” thoughts…I wanted that the most because it made me think of my blogs and I want to read it and see if it is like stuff I like to blog about. My opinion on things and just random stuff on life in general.
  • In my 2 o’clock class we had a guest speaker who was talking about federal laws and stuff on performing research which REALLY made me second guess my thoughts on doing the thesis option at the end of my Masters as well as second guess ever going for my doctorate. =(
  • Around 4:15 PM in my 2 o’clock class the tornado sirens started going off outside because there were tornados around Arlington so we got outta class early and had to go congregate on the first floor of the building. HA! It reminded me of two times: elementary school and tornado drills, of course! And then of the last tornado watch I was in which I think was my sophomore year when at ACU. Us girls in Sikes all had to congregate in the halls on the first floor for like 25 or 30 minutes. It was cool though because that was when Jackie Beth introduced me for the first time to Erin, who would become one of my roommates for the next two years! How cute…we met during a tornado drill….HA!
  • Then after the tornado drill passed a bunch of us from class went up to our professors office to get our papers back that we were suppose to get back at the end of class. As he was passing them out to us in the hallway he was just handing them back not saying anything till he got to me and goes, “I need to talk to you”. So of course I’m think, “Score! He wants to buy my research proposal off me and use it for his own!” ;) Whelp…once I finally make it through the line of people that wanted to ask him questions about their papers, I get in his office. The first thing he says to me is, “You write very well.” And he starts flipping through it (as I’m thinking….hmmm…I might sell it to him for $400! HA!) Then he starts pointing out sections and saying this was very well written. He of course had PLENTY to flip through, since it was a 40-page paper. Then he gets to this one page that he had marked a lot of red on and goes, “This part is all written in past tense and proposals aren’t suppose to be in past tense, they are a plan so in future tense. This is like it is from a study that has already been done before.” So by this point my train of thought has changed from “$400”, to “oh boy…I’m gonna have to go defend myself to the dean for being falsely accused of plagiarizing!!!!” Of course I kept cool because what was also running through my head was “well, if I get kicked out of school for being falsely accused of plagiarizing, I can always take up a career in writing. I mean how good must I be if I write so well that I’m accused of plagiarizing when I HONESTLY didn’t!?! HA!” Whelp, I was able to convince him that I honestly had written it, and he did end up saying, “Well I’m glad you’ve explained this to me because I knew from class that you are a really good student, so I believe you and trust you now.” Uhhh…thanks…I guess. Sucks when you have to convince people when you are being accused of something you didn’t do. But hey, he did continually tell me how good of a writer I am! Whether that was for his case to try to prove I plagiarized or not I’ll never know, but I take it all as a compliment! ;)
  • During my TOTALLY boring 6 PM class I took advantage of being on my laptop with wireless internet connection—AIM! I chatted with around 6 or 7 people during the class…one being a friend I hadn’t talked to in a LONG time! We did some catching up and it was great! However she did ask me at one point, “You dating anyone?” Which should tell you how long it’s been since we’ve talked…let’s face it, it’d been so long she had forgot who she was talking too….HA!
  • Finally, I got to head home at around 8:30ish. That was when I was in the lets call and talk to folks I haven’t talked to in a while mood. Unfortunately, the first called individual was out with some friends, so she couldn’t talk. The second I got a voicemail on. The third had to go and said they’d call back. The fourth NEVER answers my calls (voicemail): have I mentioned how I think my best friend from high school has no interest in being friends anymore??!!? However the fifth person, who I’d been meaning to call for a few days, curious if they were going to Abilene also for graduation, was the winner! It was GREAT to talk to her again and we talked for about 20 or 25 minutes!

Monday's Picture!

[Give this picture it's best caption! Either come up with a unique/fun caption for this picture or tell what you think is going on in the picture! Tomorrow I'll pick the best response! LEAVE A COMMENT (anyone can leave a comment, you don't have to have a blog)! I don't care if you're someone I don't know, someone I do know, or someone I'm not suppose to know that reads my blog all the time (secretly of course...HA!) Have fun!] Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Two Random Thoughts

Two random thoughts to consider. One that I’ve had on my mind for several days now and one that I thought up today.

First, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while:
Why did chopsticks not catch on around the world? Seriously, I’m sure they were around before forks and spoons. I mean I haven’t done any in-depth research on chopsticks, but I would just assume two wooden sticks were around before molded metal was. I mean, yeah, maybe we all (as in the folks that don’t use chopsticks) think they are difficult to eat with, but have you ever seen an Asian eat with them? They eat with as much ease as you and I. I mean come on….chopsticks are SOOO much cheaper to produce, and think about how much it would save you when buying eating utensils as a wedding gift!

Second, I thought about this just a little bit ago:
Have you ever thought how much life or friendships are like a big ol’ cockroach? I mean think about it. For that cockroach, one wrong move and BOOM…he is flipped over on his back and then he’s a goner. How often in life are we THAT close to making one wrong move and POOF….being a goner??! Think about driving…I’ll never forget the when my youth minister growing up told us how close we are to death each and everyday when we get in a car. Think about how you are within inches of passing cars, especially on-coming cars, that could instantly kill you with one wrong move. Look at friendships. Though they won’t “kill” you, think of how one wrong move in a friendship can ruin the whole friendship. Whether it be saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, or lying about something, etc. Speaking of lying about something, that’s another cockroach scenario….isn’t it funny how saying just one lie can ruin someone’s trust in you. Just that one wrong move, that one lie doomed your established trust.

Okay…just thought I’d share those and see if you have any comments on the matters.

Friday, April 22, 2005

FEAR FACTOR in Dallas!

There is going to be a Fear Factor casting call in Dallas tomorrow (April 23rd) at the Dave and Busters in Dallas (off Walnut Hill I believe).


My old roommate Sarah called me IMMEDIATELY when she heard about it!! She was like, “You SOOOO have to go try out!!!” I laughed and was like, “Uhhh…too bad I can’t swim!” HA!

What a shame…if I could swim I would seriously consider going and trying out! But when you are almost guaranteed a swimming event as one of the three obstacles I’d be screwed (life jacket or not)!

Soooo…for anyone else that is in town or wants to come to town and try out, I believe the casting call is from 11 AM till 4 PM.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Random Stuff

Sorry so many of my recently blogs haven't been real "deep" or "thought provoking"....I will rationalize and say it's because I've been too busy lately, but who CAN'T say that, right?

And unfortunately, this blog isn't going to be worthy of some of these recent AMAZING comments I've had about my blog:

"I forgot how much I enjoy visiting your blog. You have some real interesting stuff on there."

"So you should definately write a book or compileyour blogs into a book!!! Reading them just amazes meeverytime! I don't know if you watch Sex and The Cityor not, but Sarah Jessica Parkers character on thereis a columnist for a newspaper and she compiled someof her articles into a book and just reading yourblogs make me think of that!"

"Whenever I read your blogs I want to comment, but I usually cannot think of something intelligent enough to say in response. It is as though whatever I have to say would not do justice for such a great site. However, because I appreciate the praise-filled comments you leave for me, I will do my best in expressing my admiration. Your writings are always so very enlightening and inspiring!"

These have made me proud to log into Blogger each time, knowing that what I say is going to be read and might make someone give something a little more thought than they previously had. So after receiving great words of praise such as those, can you not feel the pressure rising?!?! HA!

It's funny how many post-it notes I ALWAYS have around with "blog ideas" written on them (and that's not to mention how many ideas I get while in the shower or in bed and too lazy to get outta bed to write them down--though I normally get up and jot them down...HA!) So...with some of these, I don't think I'll EVER get around to blogging about them in the depth I'd like, so many of them are going to be included below simply as thoughts that have been running through my head, that even though they aren't an entire blog subject (though they totally could be), they can still hopefully make ya still think about them...give ya something to ponder. The only exceptions that I plan to blog about in full form soon (hopefully) which will not be mentioned below are the topics of "Saying 'I love you'" and "Hugs". Those I believe deserve their full form blogs! ;)

Also...below will just be some random things that have happened lately.

  • Today I was leaving for school and was pulling out of my street and noticed this big scary looking black dog on the street over from us. I remember thinking, "Phew, good thing it was on that street loose and not on ours when I had to come out and get in my car to leave." Then I looked one last time and realized, "CRAP...that's OUR big black dog!" and then looking a yard away, "CRAP and there's our big scary brown dog!" HA! Of course when I was trying to round them up the big black lab thought it would be funny to lift his leg on my cars I yelled at him and the mailman down the street watched!
  • Once I finally was on my way to school I looked down to catch my odometer hit 75,000 miles! I bet you'll never guess how many miles this sucker had on it when I got it. Remember, I have had it for less than a year...i got it on July 6, 2004.
  • I filled up my car today with gas on the way too school too. It cost me $34.00 (@ 2.12 a gallon). That's the largest total I've had to pay for gas in my car since buying the car....geez! And to think...i have a car...a Camry...not an SUV...those folks must be passin' out at the pump!
  • I've been trying a new thing lately. I'm trying to remember to drink a glass of milk each night before going to bed. I haven't drunk near as much milk over the past 5 years (since having gone off to college) as I used too and should. It isn't that I don't like milk, I have no problem with it...I just don't like to spend the money on it, and normally just drink water or lemonade most the time anyways. However, I'm taking this new "habit" into my life with a new view. Instead of how in the past I've viewed things (and how I think MOST people view new "habits" in life....such as New Year's Resolutions) by noting the days I forget or simply not do the "habit" I'm going to not worry about the days I've missed and instead think of the times I HAVE performed the "habit". Why is it that we always focus on the negative. Example: new years resolution--to exercise more. "Crap...i didn't exercise last night, or the night before, so i might as well not do it tonight either." So in the end you quit. Or, "Whelp, I didn't drink my glass of milk the last three nights because I was out too late, got home and forgot. We were out of milk last night, etc..." Instead, "way to go me! I didn't get to drink my milk the last three nights, but I'm having it tonight, so maybe I can pick back up on it again starting tonight!"
  • Isn't it funny how people can be such control freaks?!! Like some people get all panicked if they are not in control. Like some people always have to have the television remote. That isn't such an extreme case, but think about how many people you know (or maybe you) that won't use the cruise control on their car even on a LONG trip because they like to always be in control of the car and feel using the cruise control takes them out of control.
  • Is it possible to be TOO smart? Well, I don't think it is possible to be TOO smart, but I do think it is possible to be smart to the extent that it can cause you problems with yourself as well as with others. Here is too examples. 1) with others, you might be "smart" to the extent that you don't think anyone else is right but yourself, so you can be rather close-minded, as well as extremely hard to talk to (even annoying sometimes!) and 2) with yourself, you might be so much of a thinker and so "smart" that while your heart might want you to go in one direction, your mind can't be convinced of it for one reason or another. Like no matter how badly you want to believe something, your mind is convinced that you can't believe it for one reason or another. (If you need a more specific example of this one I can give it to you...i have personal experience with this one! HA!)
  • "Depression is anger turned inward." I got that off an Oprah episode not too long ago and I have it written on a post-it to discuss it. Hmmmm....I can't say I've had much experience personally with experiencing depression, however I went though a state of bereavement after losing a friend not too long ago and with bereavement can come depression, so while I was "depressed" I suppose it was some anger about the situation I was feeling inwardly. I was dealing with the "If i'd only's" and the "why did you have to die" and the "it's not fair" and etc. Those were all anger I suppose....hmmm....I'll have to think about this one more...
  • This is an interesting quote I wrote down from a movie I watched for the first time recently: "But as one gets older, one's fears subside. What becomes more and more important is to be known. Known for all that you were during this brief stay. How sad it seems to me to leave this earth without those that you really love the most never knowing who you really were." (The Bridge Over Madison County) I've gotta is important to let people know who you really are. One should let people love them for who they are, not who they pretend to be.
  • Oh dang....going through these post-its I found yet another TWO was a long thought, I ran outta room on one of them....that are about a topic that I think I need to save for it's own blog. I can not give it justice in a "bullet" on this blog. It is on the topic of how one can live a satisfying life without religion. HA! I know a lot of you are thinkin'....are you kiddin' me! HA! Like I said, this topic can't be conducted in a minimal effort!

So, that's some thoughts for now....but I'll tell you what...with those three big topics that I refused to cover in this blog, why don't you leave me a comment and tell me which one you are most interested in hearing my opinion on.

  1. Saying "I Love You"
  2. Hugs
  3. Living a satisfying life without religion

Until next time....keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stole This One From Linds

[Disclaimer: This suvery/question thingys hsa some REALLY dorky questions on it, but it is really different, so i went ahead and posted it anyhow. Trust me, there are some on here that i'm like....are you kiddin' me! HA! AND...i'm gonna see if i can do this without leaving any of my own feedback...though some of these I SOOOO want to be able to comment on, but i'm gonna see if i can do it without commenting!]

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold/underline the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don't bold/underline is false.

01. I miss somebody right now
02. I don't watch much TV these days
03. I love olives
04. I love sleeping
05. I own lots of books
06. I wear glasses or contact lenses
07. I love to play video games
08. I've tried marijuana
09. I've watched porn movies
10. I have been in a threesome
11. I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship
12. I believe honesty is USUALLY the best policy
13. I have acne free skin
14. I like and respect Al Sharpton
15. I curse frequently
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have a hobby
18. I've been told I have an applebotoom
19. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me
20. I'm really, really smart (tee hee hee!)
21. I've never broken someone's bones
22. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal
23. I hate the rain
24. I'm paranoid all the time
25. I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scars
26. I need money right now
27. I love sushi
28. I talk really, really fast sometimes
29. I chew gum when I sleep a lot of the time
30. I have semi-long hair
31. I have lost money in Las Vegas
32. I have at least one brother and/or one sister
33. I was born in a country outside of the US
34. I shave my legs on a regular basis
35. I have a twin
36. I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past
37. I couldn't survive without caller I.D.
38. I like the way that I look sometimes
39. I have lied to a good friend in the last 6 months
40. I know how to do cornrows
41. I am usually pessimistic
42. I have a lot of mood swings
43. I think prostitution should be legalized
44. I think Britney Spears is hot.
45. I have cheated on a significant other in the past
46. I have a hidden talent
47. I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar I have
48. I think that I'm popular to an extent
49. I am currently single
50. I have kissed someone of the same sex
51. I enjoy talking on the phone
52. I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants
53. I love to shop
54. I would rather shop than eat
55. I would classify myself as ghetto
56. I have worn a sweater tied around my shoulders
57. I'm obsessed with my blog
58. I try not to hate anyone
59. I'm a pretty good dancer
60. I don't think Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington (????????)
61. I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother
62. I have a cell phone
63. I believe in a superior being
64. I watch MTV on a daily basis
65. I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months
66. I love drama
67. I have never been in a real relationship before
68. I've rejected someone before
69. I currently have a crush on someone
70. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life
71. I want to have children in the future
72. I have changed a diaper before
73. I've called the cops on a friend before
74. I bite my nails
75. I am a member of the Tom Green fan club
76. I'm not allergic to anything that I know of
77. I have a lot to learn
78. I have dated someone 10 years older or younger
79. I plan on seeing the new "Fat Albert" movie
80. I am very shy around the opposite sex sometimes
81. I'm online 24/7
82. I have at least 5 away messages saved
83. I have tried alcohol or drugs before
84. I have made a move on a friend's significant other in the past
85. I own the "South Park" movie
86. I have avoided assignments at work/school to be on blogger
87. When I was a kid I played "the birds and the bees" with a neighbor
88. I enjoy some country music
90. I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza
91. I watch soap operas whenever I can
92. I'm obsessive, anal retentive, and often a perfectionist
93. I have used my sexuality to advance my career
94. I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all
95. I know all the words to Britney Spears' "Toxic"
96. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy
97. I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it
98. I have dated a close friend's ex
99. I'm happy as of this moment
100. I'm gay.


why is it that it doesn't matter how many friends you have...and you can honestly have a ton, that when you are in a not so good mood and all you want to do is talk with someone it's like you only have like 1 or 2 people you really would want to talk with?

like i'm down and it's late and i wanna just talk to someone and get crap out, but then there is the side of me that doesn't do that. i don't call people when I am the one having the problem. how weird would that be to get a call from me and me wanting to talk serious and me being down. that's not how it goes, so i don't call. plus who wants to hear about that anyways. and honestly, there isn't anything they can do for me, though maybe talking is enough....

okay...i'm done...


it'll be a new day tomorrow and i'll be happy again...promise!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday's Picture!

[Give this picture it's best caption! Either come up with a unique/fun caption for this picture....or better yet, fill in what you think President George W. Bush is thinking to himself in this picture! Tomorrow I'll pick the best response! LEAVE A COMMENT! I don't care if you're someone I don't know, someone I do know, or someone I'm not suppose to know that reads my blog all the time (secretly of course...HA!) Have fun!] Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

Survey....long but really different

(1) The singular boring question: What is your name? Kimberly
(2) If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Crap…I don’t remember what my mom said it was gonna be
(3) Would you name a child of yours after you? no
(4) If you had to switch first names with a friend of yours, who would you switch with? That’s a good one…uhhh…maybe Yoda…we are pretty tight! ;)
(5) What's the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name? oh my gosh…you wouldn’t BELIEVE all the mispronunciations I get for Smith!!!! It’s like…”Where are you from, person!?!?!”
(6) If you were to become famous, would you drop your last name (like Madonna, Cher, Roseanne)? Nah…I actually like my last name more than my first…I plan to either marry another Smith (though hopefully not related) or make the dude take my last name! ;)

(7) Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? Doubt it
(8) Do you think God has a gender? I don’t know
(9) Do you think science counteracts religion? I haven’t looked real closely at any of that…so I can’t answer that
(10) Do you believe in organized religion? I don’t know what that means…HA! If it means do I think there are such things as different religions…like different denominations of Christianity…well yeah, there physically are, as we see them while driving down the street…as for whether they are different and one is “RIGHT” while the others are “WRONG” I don’t know…I don’t see how one can say the others are wrong…how do we know ANY of them are right, especially over another.
(11) Where do you think we go when we die? Possibly no where…unless we are talking about in a box underground! ;)
(12) Do you feel a little funny thinking about the questions in this section? Nah…these weren’t even that deep of religious questions…I can have WAY fun DEEP religion conversations with people who are interested and can be open-minded enough to listen! ;)

(13) How easy is it to make you laugh? I’ll be honest…I am pretty selective on who can really crack me up. Personally I tend to crack myself up the MOST of anyone, but I can laugh pretty good at many things…so I suppose I laugh fairly easily.
(14) What person you know makes you laugh the most? myself
(15) Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't? yeah, who doesn’t
(16) Do you tell jokes you know you shouldn't? occasionally…but I used to be bad at that…maybe like in high school…but I do my best to keep my humor not dirty and not hurtful to others
(17) What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile? Uhh….can’t think of one…this probably goes back to when I was saying I am selective on who or what can make me laugh
(18) What do you think is the funniest thing you've ever said or written? Uhhh…there have been MANY…but two times I can think of online…I was instant messaging….one time I was trying to cheer up a friend who was having boy problems…so I thought I’d be humorous and type “Hey, don’t let it both you so much, just remember, boys have cooties.” Instead I typed “Hey, don’t let it both you so much, just remember, boys have cookies.” Yeah, it definitely made her laugh alright! And another time I was IMing and I wanted to tell my friend “Man, I have some bad cramps” but instead I typed, “Man, I have some bad craps”…HA! Kinda left out a letter there! ;)

(19) Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching? Oh HECK yeah….and why does it matter whether they are lookin’ or not!?!?
(20) What is/are the worst song(s) you have ever heard? I’m sure if I thought about this for a while I could come up with some good ones…but off the top of my head right now…there is the “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” song, the “Goodies, my goodies, my goodies, not my goodies” song, or that “Candyshop” one out right now by 50 cent…it is just SOOO dirty…no thank you!
(21) What song(s) do you wish you could understand a little better? There are a lot of these too…but can’t think of them right now….
(22) What song(s) are constantly in your head? Oh my gosh…I am ALWAYS like humming tunes…and HONESTLY don’t recognize I’m doing it half the time..and a LOT of the time can’t even tell you what tune it is when asked…but I’ve figured out that my more common ones to hum are the Indian Jones theme song, and the smurfs theme song…HA! Random…I know! ;) (23)What song do you think describe your personality best? Uhhh….not sure…I’d have to think about it a lot…
(24) If you were to serenade the object of your affections, which song(s) would you use? HA HA HA…oh gosh…I don’t know…maybe “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler ;)
(25) If the object of your affections were to serenade you, what song(s) would you hope he or she used? “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease ;)

(26) What movie(s) do you love that nobody else seems to? Hmm…I’m real picky about my movies…which actually makes the few I “love” ones that are pretty well liked too…I don’t care for many “not liked” movies
(27) Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original? Normally except with the Rocky’s where the 4th one was the best!
(28) Who's your favorite Star Wars character? Crap….i can never remember those characters…I don’t watch those movies…Yoda is in that right….i like him and I like the Ewoks…HA!
(29) What kind of movie do you think there should be more of? Uhh…I don’t know
(30) What movie(s) do you simply not understand the appeal of? A lot of STUPID comedy movies, I just don’t find the humor in a lot of these comedies nowadays…a lot of dirty movies where it seems like the whole movie is just to see how many times they can say the “F” word

(31) When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness? Totally depends on my mood nowadays….had you asked me this a year ago…TOTALLY on taste
(32) What's your favorite kind of cheese? COLBY JACK!!!!!
(33) What do you think your answer to the previous question reveals about your personality? That I’m not prejudice as a person…I like the yellows and the whites! ;)
(34) If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food, hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it? Yeah…I don’t care
(35) Do you ever feel guilty eating meat? Oh my gosh, no!!! I HAVE to have meat to get full.

(36) Mac or PC? TOTALLY PCs
(37) How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer, as long as it works? I actually care…that stuff is cool to me…HA!
(38) Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? Sometimes…just because I can do other things at the same time…or talk to several people at once…but a lot of the times I don’t like it so I’ll be like, “Hey, can I call you so I don’t have to type this all?”
(39) Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone? Sometimes…depends on the topic or the person I suppose
(40) Have you ever ended bid on something on eBay and regretted it later? Nope…I’ve only bought on Ebay when it comes to the “Buy Now” things…I don’t like auctions

(41) Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender? Sure….that might be fun, but I don’t know how long I’d wanna be a guy for, but just the experience and trying a different role might be cool
(42) What do you love most about the other gender? I don’t know…maybe the fact that they look at situations from different perspectives and it’s interesting’ to see and hear how they view life differently than females
(43) What do you dislike most about the other gender? I don’t really know for this one either, I feel like it is stereotyping the genders because not ALL males are alike. But I suppose maybe that a lot of guys tend to like to show-off or brag or be arrogant; those are not attractive characteristics in my opinion.
(44) What do you understand least about the other gender? Why they think it is wrong to show emotions; ie crying

(45) Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it? no
(46) What celebrity's autograph do you want most? Oh gosh…I don’t know probably Robin Williams, John Travolta, David Letterman, Scottie Pippen, Dustin Hoffman, etc
(47) Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who? I’ve been told I look like Madonna several times ;)
(48) If there was to be a movie about you, who do you think should play you (in personality, looks or both)? I’d probably go with Robin Williams, he’s played a lady in a movie before (well I suppose Dustin Hoffman too for that matter) and he is one funny fella! ;)
(49) Does it ever annoy you when you know someone is a celebrity but you can't remember why? Yeah….but normally I know why, it’s because of who their family is…Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tori Spelling, Drew Barrymore, Ashley Simpson (do I need to continue?!?!?)
(50) If you could enter any celebrity's mind like in "Being John Malkovich", whose would you enter? Robin Williams
(51) Do you want to be John Malkovich? uhh…..I saw that movie a long time ago, but I don’t remember what it is about, nor do I know anything about John Malkovich, so I’d have to go with no I guess

(52) Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69? no
(53) Were you lying about your answer to the previous question? nope
(54) Do you actually know your Social Security Number? Yeppers, any person who has gone to college HAS to know it…it is used for SOOO much
(55) Do you actually know your IP address? I don’t have it memorized, but Holly sent me a website the other day that you can go to to get it off of, so I have seen it…but don’t remember it! ;)
(56) Do you know what an IP address is? yes
(57) Do you know the four-character extension on your ZIP code? no, but a lot of the times it has to do with the numbers in your address part, like for example if you are a P.O. box with the number 26776 then the four character code might be 6776
(58) Ever thought there were too many numbers floating around in our lives? no, but I don’t care how some places tend to recognize people by their numbers, like a lot of colleges for instance with social security numbers
(59) Does your head begin to hurt when you think of infinity, imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc.? noppers….I love math!
(60) What do you think of pi? I love to write the symbol…it’s fun! HA!

(61) Did you get a little frightened or uncomfortable seeing this as a section title? nah
(62) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? I would feel bad for the fella, but I’d have to break it to him somehow
(63) Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going in "blind"? I need to know them first....I have had bad experiences with blind dates. ;)
(64) Could you carry on a relationship with someone with the same first name as a family member? Yeah, it’s just a name
(65) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? nah…it doesn’t matter whether it is “socially acceptable” or not…I’ve asked guys out my own fair share worth….it’s just whatever
(66) What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment? desperate
(67) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? I think if I am romantically attracted to someone I will be satisfied with their physical appearance as it is…romance defines what is attractive
(68) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking? the opposite sex finds me so overwhelmingly good-looking they are afraid to tell me! ;)
(69) Would you be willing to give up sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? sure
(70) Do you think the number of the last question was a coincidence? No, I think the person that made this survey up did it on purpose

(71) What is your favorite possession? my computers, my car, my brain (hey, I possess it don’t I?! HA!)….I have SOOO many possessions to be thankful for!
(72) What physical, tangible possession do you want most? my own place to live, though I couldn’t afford the bills for it right now (hence why I don’t have it)
(73) How badly do you want it? I wouldn’t say REAL badly, because I tend to live in a manner of being happy with what I have, so I don’t get bogged down with what I don’t have
(74) Have you ever seen 'The Exorcist'? yeah…once, but wasn’t all that impressed…and it’s been a few years
(75) How long did it take you to understand why the last question is in this section? uhhh….I probably wouldn’t have figured it out, but the fact that the person who I stole this survey from had the answer, I now know that it is because of demon possession

(76) Does Christmas music too far away from Christmas annoy you? nah…music is music
(77) How old do you think you will be before you stop liking getting older? after hitting 21 you are completely “grown-up” as in there isn’t anything else that you “can’t” do, so from then on out, it is like birthdays are just another day of getting older, so I’m already not caring much for getting older (I’ll always wanna feel like a kid)…but I bet hitting 30 will be a BIG deal.
(78) What was the best Halloween costume you ever had? my serial killer costume. I wore a fruit loops box around my neck that I had stuck a big (fake) butcher knife through it and painted blood all over it! HA HA!
(79) What was the worst Halloween costume you ever had? my costumes were ALWAYS good…Halloween was always my FAVORITE holiday!!!!
(80) What holiday do you think has still managed to retain its original meaning? New Year’s Eve and day
(81) There are currently no federal holidays during August- what should be put there? Siblings Day….we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. what about a day when siblings can show extra appreciation and be more thankful for one another. Yeah, some folks are only child’s but it ain’t like everyone can celebrate every holiday. ;)

(82) How good is your short-term memory? pretty good…I help a lot of the folks at work to remember things that they have to do
(83) How good is your long-term memory? AWFUL when I’m asked to remember something specific, but okay at remember random things from long ago when I am not trying to remember them.
(84) What is your earliest memory? crawling on our kitchen linoleum floor to my mom’s feet when she was washing dishes at the kitchen sick….I was like maybe 2ish….wait…if I was crawling I probably wasn’t two…HA HA! I don’t know…HA!
(85) What is your happiest memory (other than receiving this survey)? my experiences at ACU(87) What song, movie, etc. do you wish you could memorize? if I want to memorize a song I normally do…as for movies…no desire [btw.....what happened to number 86??]
(88) What movie makes/made you cry? several….Life as a House is a GUARNTEE, but The Green Mile tends to get me most times, and Million Dollar Baby
(89) What book makes/made you cry? Can’t say a book has made me cry
(90) What song makes/made you cry? I don’t think a song has made me cry either…but I’d have to think about it some more, but really can’t think of one
(91) What makes/made you laugh so hard you cried? just last night Amanda and I were chatting online about things from our years growing up in like elementary school and we were laughing so hard we both started crying…HA!

(92) Would you like to be cloned? I personally don’t care
(93) Do you wish you could be alive when the world was ending, just to experience it? sure…..that might be cool to see
(94) Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango? huh??

(95) Do you think that one hundred and one questions is too long? yeah…I had to answer half the questions last night and finish it this morning
(96) Do you think the one hundred interesting questions actually were interesting? yeah, it was nice to have some different questions than the some ole’ same ole’
(97) Are you sorry you began filling it out? no…I love these things…they make me think
(98) What question do you wish it had asked? I don’t know
(99) How would you have answered it? most likely with “I don’t know” ;)

(100) When was the last time you let the people you love know you love them? hmmm….well I haven’t really seen many people this morning….so I guess not today…but I do my best to let people know I love them
(101) What do you want the people who are reading this survey to know? I love you! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Round Two....(and I still had my special touch)

So tonight in my class I was logged on under my other screenname again and it just so happened that "The dude" (see my blog from April 11th entitled "Tee Hee Hee") decided to IM me again. So, being the fun-loving person I am...i couldn't help but talk back with him. It was a rather short conversation....but here it is:

The dude: hi again
Me: hello
The dude: how are you today?
Me: doin' well
Me: and yourself
The dude: not too bad
The dude: how's your tail?
Me: it's doin' good....i got to keep it...after they removed it...i have it in a jar
Me: i feed it on a daily basis
The dude: lol
The dude: well, just thought i'd say hi
The dude: i g2g
The dude: meeting some friends at the horsetrack
The dude: hasta luego
Me: cool.....later
Me: have fun

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

America’s Most Wanted!

Okay, so maybe not “America’s”…maybe “Kim’s”….

And okay…so maybe they aren’t “wanted” by me, but I “WANT to know what happened to them.”

This is my Kim’s Most Wanted list of folks that I wanna know what the heck happened to them!?!? What are they doing with their life nowadays…and where are they?

Here is my figuring….

You wouldn’t believe how many people come across my blog by random internet searches. I’ve had all of the following searches lead people to my blog (and no, just because they phrase their search words in these manners doesn’t mean I have that EXACT phrase in my blogs anywhere…I could just have SOME of those words in my blog, so it leads them here):

Prejudice about Blacks in Songs
goatees on guys what do ladies think?
robin williams std
how do I know if my mate really loves me
"Constantine Maroulis" +smoker
Anwar Robinson bisexual
constantine maroulis + bisexual
constantine maroulis gay

Come on…let’s face it…I sure as heck can’t answer many of these folks “questions” via their searches with my blogs. And for goodness sakes…we KNOW I can’t help that poor fifth person! HA! ;) Because that is TOTALLY my area! ;)

Sooo…why am I doing this blog you ask? Because of the power of the internet search engines!!!

I’ve already have one friend of mine who came across my blog by searching for websites that had her name on it, and my blog came up (don’t worry…I was talking good about her! HA!). So far she is the only person who has told me she has found my site that way, but I’ve seen some of my other friend’s names shown on the list of “searches that people have done to get to my blog” so I wonder if they have been searching for their name and came across my site, or if it was a stalker of theirs…HA! Either way….let’s face it…we all think it is cool to search for our name on the internet, so I’m hoping some of the people I mention in this blog will do the same and then get back to me in some manner to let me know just what has happened to them over the years since we haven’t been in touch for years. Also, if you reading know anything about the whereabouts of these people, or just what they’ve been up to, fill me in (however, UNLIKE America’s Most Wanted, there will be no reward for information leading to these people’s reconnection with me!) HA!

So here we go:

Let’s start with WAY back when….Nixa, Missouri. When I was living in Nixa I went to K-2nd grade there.

Kenny Revoir (he was another of my really close friends)
Tiffany Latimore (she was my best friend)

Now moving on to St. Louis, Missouri. I went to 3rd grade through graduating high school there.

Forder Elementary:
Anthony Buss (I always just thought he was soooo smart and mature for his age….we were in the gifted program together)
Ben Hahne (he was one of my best friends in like 4-6th grade…he lived nearby and we would hangout together…..last thing I know was his family moved to Florida....his siblings names were Jake Hahne and Sarah Hahne...hey, you never know, maybe one of them will search under their name and come across this and I can get in touch that way!)
Billy Wheeler (I think that was his name...he was in my 3rd grade class and my teacher would always sit me by him because he would get in trouble when she sat him with anyone else, but he and I were kinda friends, so he was good when he sat by me...HA!)
Michael "Boomer" Shockely (he was my older brothers age, but I still hungout with him a the neighborhood playing sports, or I would go over to his house and play Nintendo games sometimes...HA!)
Russ Derosa (not positive, but I THINK that was his name...just curious what he is up too)
Kurt Kahmke (just curious)
Sean Devereaux (just curious)

Buerkle Jr. High:
Jesse Simon (we would play sports in the neighborhood together, mainly soccer)
Tim Lurkins (our families were real close and we were in the gifted program together in elementary and we would play hockey in the neighborhood together)

Mehlville Sr. High:
Alan Johnson (I never got to see him after he came back from England from doing his Mormon mission thingy…but I hear he got married)
Anna Ahrens (just curious and I’m pretty sure she ended up going to Rice University in Houston)
Arriel Bivens (we played basketball together and we would always chill together…she nicknamed me “Queen Bee”)
Ashley Boyer (just curious)
Bridget Sheehan (she was really fun and sweet…and I’m pretty sure she ended up coming down to Texas to go to Baylor…but I never heard anything else about her)
Chrissy Albietz (Chrissy was a lot of fun…and I know she got married when in Kansas for school, but that’s all I remember)
Courtney Weiss (just curious)
Harlan Futrell (he was a really fun guy…we were the buddies from like one class I think, but we were both basketball players)
Josh Roesch (just curious)
Kelsey Kellison (REALLY fun pal from basketball)
Laura Beckman (we were buddies from basketball)
Leroy Smith (he was my buddy…once again from classes as well as us both being athletes, not to mention sitting by one another at gradation…our names are close! HA!)
Mandy Henerfauth (she was fun…just curious)
Ronni Padberg (I always admired her…she was so smart and really nice)
Mark and Scott Young (just curious)
Sarah and Erin Butler (we have gone to school together since 3rd grade as well…and were basketball teammates in high school)
Scott Harris (just curious)
Stacy Stewart (we’ve known one another since like 3rd grade when I moved to STL and we were friends then)
Stacy Westray (just curious)
Stephanie Taylor (I actually kinda kept in touch with her after I went away for school…but have lost touch)
Ted Wenk (just curious)
Tony Schmitt (a friend because he lived right behind me and we would hangout growing up, but not a whole lot in high school)

Now….teachers or principals that I’m curious what has happened to them:
Brenda Wilson (my 5th grade teacher…I LOVED her!)
Debbie Decker (my principal at Forder…the only principle I ever had to go to the principal’s office to see…HA! I was a bully in elementary school believe it or not…HA!)
Gary Davison (or was it Davidson…CRAP…I don’t remember…anyhow….he was my 6th grade teacher…and rumor had it that he disappeared off to somewhere in the south…maybe like Georgia or Alabama or somewhere like that with either got a divorce from his wife and ran off with a new woman or something like that…or maybe I made that up…I don’t remember… HA!)
Mrs. Judith Wilkerson (she was a LOONEY teacher I had in junior high for 7th grade social studies. She loved me…she was SOOO funny…normally seemed hung-over…HA! But she was a lot of fun...I could get away with ANYTHING in that calss...and I was really bad too in there! HA!)

Isaac (I don't remember his last name, but we worked together the summer after my freshman year at ACU back in St. Louis at Howards RV)

Andrea Hefelfinger (I know she ended up getting married after she left our freshman year, but we were really good friends...I wonder how she is)
Karin Grimes (she was WAY fun and her boyfriend was soo cool--I helped sneak him into the dorm for her...HA! She left after our freshman year, but was kept in touch for about a year or 1.5 years after then...but then lost touch)
Kelly Haas (she pledged with us in GATA and then left....I heard she had moved to Arkansas for school...but then I heard she moved again...maybe back to Texas...not sure)
Vanesa Centeno (I can't remember how to spell her last name...but she pledged GATA with us and was SOOOOO sweet. She actually kept in touch with me a little while after she graduated...but i think with her husband in the military they were gonna move to somewhere across the world back in Feb. of 2004)

So….if you have any information leading to enhancing my knowledge on the life’s of these individuals feel free to inform me of that. HA!

And until then….I’ll just keep wondering! ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Power of Teachers...

It was six months ago today that my teacher for four classes as well as mentor, role model, and friend of two-plus years passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 68. Charles Trevathan, or Chucky T as I liked to call him (which was apparently how Eleanor Roosevelt—yes, the past first lady—would refer to him; Phyllis Trevathan recently told me that) was not only someone I held in high esteem, but the person I would go to for advice or for when I was having a really bummer of a day and needed someone to cheer me up.

Once I had graduated from ACU I continued to keep in touch with my friend. We emailed on several occasions, but more than that, whenever I would be back in town, I would make every effort to stop by his office and see him just to have a good chat. I remember my last weekend trip to Abilene before his death when I stayed till 2 PM on Monday, instead of leaving on Sunday or getting up early on Monday to head back, simply so I could see him during his office hours. It was funny because when I had left Dallas that Friday for the trip I was telling my aunt I wouldn’t be coming back till late on Monday because I wanted to stick around and see my friend, and when she found out it was a 68 year old professor she kinda gave me a hard time for caring to stick around town so late to visit an older-man friend. I just kinda ignored her opinion and oh how glad am I that I didn’t care that she said that because that was my last chance to see Chuck in person.

I’ll never forget leaving his office for that last time, as he walked me completely out of the building and gave me a hug goodbye. It’s funny too because he had a test he needed to finish typing up for his night class that evening, but he would always push that sort of thing aside to chat with a friend.

One of the most lovable characteristics of Chuck was his love for people! He loved people and teaching was the PERFECT profession for an individual of his character!

Teachers are AMAZING individuals! Yes, Chucky T has been my favorite teacher ever, but he is the perfect example of the impact a teacher can have on a person! It’s funny how the words of a teacher can last with a student longer than most other people’s words. I’ve had several teachers who I will remember forever for some of the encouraging words they have left me with:

Gail Egleston (one of my favorite teachers in high school) signed this in my yearbook: “What a great sense of humor! You always make me laugh. You’re bright and extremely perceptive. When you couple those with doing your best, you are unbeatable! Thanks for making my last year one of my all-time best!” (1999)

Bellvia Gorsuch (my favorite teacher in high school) signed in my yearbooks: “You are one terrific young lady. I do enjoy talking with you each day. You make me laugh. I’m glad I’ll still have you around next year.” (1999). “How will I ever adjust to life w/out your cajoling, your sarcasm, your humor. You have been a delight for 3 1/2 years—you were quiet for ½. Please keep in touch. Good luck. Be happy. I will miss you.” (2000)

BJ McMichae (ACU): I wrote a paper for his class once that he just LOVED! He pulled me and one other girl up to his desk in front of the whole class and was like, “y’all have written some of the best papers I’ve ever read. They were SOO easy to grade and I thank you for that!” Not only that, but about a year later I had his wife for a class and he happened to be talking to her outside our classroom one day and I was going into the classroom and he stopped talking to her and grabbed me and said to his wife, “I didn’t know she was in your class. She is a great writer!”

Willard Tate (ACU): after giving a speech in class one day he said, “You have a great speaking voice.” Exactly what that means, I’m not sure, but coming from a professional speaker himself, I took it as a compliment and have never forgotten it…HA!

Jennifer Shoemaker (ACU): she was my Child Development professor and one day we were doing a workshop thing with little kids. She had brought 10 or 15 kids ages 3-12 years old in and we interacted with the kids for the 1.5 hours. At the end of the class she came up to me and said, “You are really good with kids.”

Charles Trevathan (ACU): there have been MANY things Charles has said to me that I’ll never forget, but one of the things that he said to me, that really has meant SOO much to me, and actually, I bet he didn’t even realize the influence it had on me, was something he would call me in class. It was funny because we liked to joke with one another and he liked to pick on me in class and make me answer questions, when I think he knew I didn’t like talking up in class. Well anyways, one time he said, “Dr. Smith. Well…you are planning to get a doctorate at one point aren’t you?” and I said, “yeah, I want to” and he went on, “Okay, well Dr. Smith….” Believe it or not, that alone has given me so much motivation and confidence to continue my education to this very day! It wasn’t only on that one occasion that he would call me, “Dr. Smith,” he’d done it some other times when I’d go to visit him in his office. But wow, being addressed like that gave me such hope! It made me really think, if he believes in me, I really can do it! Doctorate and all! There’s nothing quite as powerful as someone else’s belief in you,especially coming from someone you admire.

I honestly do believe that teachers and professors can be some of the most influential individuals in a student’s life. Even though I didn’t mention any teachers from my pre-high school years, those teachers touched my life as well (I just have a really poor memory, so I apologize now! HA!). If anything, it is the teachers when a student is really young that can shape that student and influence them the most during that critical time of their development!

So, why do I say all this? Because I’m honored to have had the teachers I did in my lifetime! Teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve!

Something I’ve thought about a lot lately is how it’s funny because they always say once you grow up and have a profession how important it is to be able to draw the line/boundary between work and home. Be able to separate the two. Be able to leave work at work when it’s time to go home. Well if you think about it, teachers can’t do that! A teacher’s work seems to be around the clock. How many teachers do you know that don’t have to take papers home to grade, or work on progress reports from home, or make lesson plans from home. Yes, they have their “conference period” but it’s just that, a “conference period”…not a “grading period.” Teachers are some of the least paid professionals in the world today, yet they have to work more than many other professionals I know.

I count myself very blessed to have four of my close friends going through their final semester of undergraduate work doing their student teaching this semester. I admire my friends Becca, Janaye, Laura, and Misty not only because they are great people, but because they would choose to devote their lives to a career that will not make them monetarily rich, but rich in heart. I still sit in amazement to think of the friends I have that are my age and have already begun teaching this past year, Erin, Janet, JWalk, Melissa, and Sharon.

So I end with this….

Let your teachers become a part of your life! Let them mold you, because they most likely will without you knowing it either way! Get to know your teachers. Take every chance you get to get to know them better, they are just as human as you and I and they have so much wisdom to share with you.

I took every opportunity I was in Abilene to visit my friend and professor Charles. Even without him walking this earth any longer, I visit him just about every time I’m in Abilene, by taking time out of my schedule to stop by the cemetery. It’s something I want and feel I need to do, as I always wanted and felt I needed to visit him at his office many times!

This has been a tribute to teachers on behalf of a teacher who knew the importance of teaching—Charles Trevathan!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Tee hee hee!

This is really random, but it had me laughing pretty good earlier today, so I had to share it. This is why you don’t want to be a “random” person instant messaging me because I can be a real “smartass” as he said, yet in my opinion…REALLY fun to talk too! ;)

The dude: hi
Me: hello
The dude: asl?
Me: who is this
The dude: my name is jeff
The dude: your name was on my buddy list
The dude: i don't know if i know you or not
Me: i doubt it
Me: i don't think i know you
The dude: asl?
Me: 16/f/Florida
Me: you
The dude: 21 m tx
Me: oh yeah...what part of tx
The dude: dallas
Me: do you go to school in dallas
The dude: no, i work
Me: hmmm.....i wonder how you got my screenname
The dude: i was wondering how you got on my buddy list
The dude: i have no idea
The dude: this was the first time i've ever seen your sn or anything similar
Me: hmm
Me: weird
The dude: it is
Me: you REALLY know me and you're just messin' with me ;-)
The dude: nope
The dude: i have no clue who you are
Me: so what do you do in dallas
Me: do you work with that why that is part of your screenname
The dude: i'm in the army
Me: oh okay
The dude: i train national guard soldiers
Me: oh...well that's cool
Me: well i'm really not a 16 year old from florida ;-)
Me: i thought you were someone that knew me so i was just joking to see what you'd say
The dude: ok
The dude: so, how old are you?
Me: i'm actually in the DFW area too....and i'm 23
The dude: what do you do?
The dude: school? work?
Me: graduate school and work
The dude: cool
The dude: what do you look like?
Me: well let's see.....
Me: if i tell you something....what's the chances i'm telling the truth ;-)
The dude: lol
The dude: true
Me: well.....i was actually born with a tail as a child....but my parents got that removed because they feared i would face discrimination
The dude: ok
The dude: are you a male or female?
Me: female
The dude: what race?
Me: well i normally always came in second to last
The dude: lol
Me: but my parents always taught me that where you came in in line wasn't as important as finishing
The dude: ok smartass
Me: lol
The dude: got any pics?
Me: of me before or after the tail was removed
The dude: after
Me: then no
Me: had you said before...that would have been a different story ;-)
Me: i'm afraid to send you my picture because i fear if you are like me, you'll fall head over heels in love immediately and i would hate to do that to you
The dude: put your money where your mouth is
Me: ?
The dude: let's see your picture
Me: i just can't do tail is such a turn-on to folks ;-)
The dude: lol
Me: do you have a pic
The dude: yeah
The dude: hold on
Me: do you have a tail?
The dude: nope
Me: dang.....i find guys with a tail REALLY attractive ;-)
Me: like they say in psychology...we are attracted to our own kind

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I Always (or at least 98% of the time)…

…wear my seatbelt when in a vehicle. Doesn’t matter the distance of travel.
…use my blinker when driving.
…carry chapstick in my pocket (or if I don’t have pockets in my pants/shorts…I have it in my purse/backpack).
…wear a watch. I like to know the time.
…turn in homework when it is due. I honestly can’t remember EVER missing a homework deadline. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t procrastinate till the VERY last possible minute, but whatever the case, I ALWAYS make my deadlines.
…listen to music when in my car.
…listen to music when showering.
…tell the truth. If I tell you something you can bet just about anything that I’m telling you the truth. If needed be, I might leave some of the story out, but I won’t lie. However, my friend Chuck taught me that that is called a lie of omission, but you know! ;)
…welcome a laugh!
…return phone calls.
…keep my cell phone plugged into the charger unless, I’m away from my house. I know TOO many people who are always like, “I’m sorry…my phones dying.” Seriously, I mean those batteries last pretty long (assuming it is a new phone). Plug them suckers in when you’re not on them! ;)
…pass my classes. The closest I’ve ever got to failing a class was a quarter grade my junior year of high school when I got a D+ in Pre-Calculus because I had basically STOPPED trying. HA! Me and my friends wouldn’t study for the tests because the teacher was TERRIBLE, and she knew we didn’t like her, because she couldn’t teach the material. And trust me, math is my subject!
…check my email. The only thing that stops me is if I have absolutely no access to the internet for some reason or another. You know, there are some people that you email them and wonder if they will get the email during that week. Whelp that is DEFINITELY not me.
…keep my room and car pretty tidy. It isn’t that I’m obsessive compulsive or anything, it’s just that I have just always picked up after myself. I don’t see the big deal about taking the MINIMAL extra effort to place something back where it belongs when I get finished with it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Feeling like a Battery

Do you ever feel like a battery? You know, trying to distinguish the positive (+) from the negative (-)? Looking for the signs.

I’ll tell you what, if it weren’t for the little plus and minus signs on the ends of the batteries I’d never be able to remember which end is the positive and which the negative.

Many times I will find myself in that same sort of scenario. Let me give you a little example….

I work now so I have a flow of income (unlike my normal state of being over my past years of growing up and even during my undergraduate years). So I find myself in this situation: making decisions at meal time. Many times I’ll be at work for lunch time and I’m thinking how easy it is to just go pick up some fast food, and since I have a form of income now, I can afford fast food, so many times I resort to it. So does this mean my source of income is a positive thing since now I can afford to get fast food whenever I want it for a meal? I mean if I can afford it, and it is a quick and easy way to fulfill the mealtime requirements of eating something, I would see buying fast food as a positive choice to fulfilling the meal time decision.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a “battery” scenario without the negative side. Soo….

Also, since having this steady form of money, I find that I eat a LOT of fast food and it is making me lazy when it comes to meal time. Not only this, but I’ve found myself totally burnt out on a lot of fast food. I get to meal time and think, what in the world sounds good. Nothing really…because all that is playing through my head is the following choices: burger, chicken, taco, fries, etc. Isn’t there more to meal time than those same choices over and over and over and over again?!!? And of course, with all this fast food comes weight gain (especially with that one added condition mentioned earlier…becoming lazy). So yes, when I look at older pictures of myself compared to my current state of being and see the each area my face seems to encompass in the photograph I find myself being reminded of the negative side to having the money to get fast food whenever I want too.

Soo…I don’t know if being in the position of being about to get fast food whenever I want it, especially due to ANOTHER factor I failed to mention…I have a car now… a positive or negative thing.

So I’m looking for the “sign.”

Whelp, I suppose this post was really inspired by my homework tonight. I’m currently weighing the positives and negatives of gay adoption. I must take a stance on this issue in a paper tonight and I currently find myself trying to distinguish the “positive” from the “negative” in both situations: allowing gays to adopt and not allowing gays to adopt.