Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday's Paint a Picture...

Julie Goen. Though Julie and I pledged the same social club, GATA, our sophomore year, I honestly can’t recall any memories of us until the latter part of that school year, simply because we just hung with different crowds back then (plus, I have a TERRIBLE memory! HA!).

It was the end of our sophomore year and Julie and I had both decided and were running for our social club’s secretary position for our junior year. She ended up with that position, and for that I was thankful, as I used that next year to dedicate my time to being the best member I could be! Julie on the other hand used that opportunity to prepare herself for bigger and better things; things she was destined for, in my opinion!

Still throughout our junior year, Julie and I really didn’t interact much, other than club functions, and even those times were rather limited, as I mentioned, we both kind of stuck to our own “groups” I guess you could say (NOTE: I don’t say that in ANYWAY to make it sound like we had anything against each other, or that we were snobby, we just usually hung out with different people).

Then the end of our junior year came around, and once again, it was officer election time. Wouldn’t you know it, Julie and I found ourselves in the same situation again, not only for one office, but running for TWO of the same offices: President and Secretary. Because of this, I NEVER got to hear a Julie Goen election speech, since we were always running for the same offices, so I was kept out in the hall during her speeches (as was she during mine; however, I can tell her she didn’t miss out on as much as I did, I assure her! HA!).

I ended up dropping out of the President race during my speech that year. I did this for a number of reasons, but one being that I wanted to see Julie in that position more! I had full confidence in standing behind Julie as our social club president! And though one other individual was running for the presidential position, Julie got the majority of the club’s votes, making her our president our senior year. That in its self speaks of how Julie has the respect of her peers!

Since I did happen to get the secretary position, I had the privilege of serving as an officer along side Miss Julie Goen our senior year! I suppose you could say this “made” us start hanging out in the same group some! HA!

When I look back on my time serving our club with Julie I become overwhelmed with her ability to lead. Honestly, I would not consider Julie to be a very vocal leader; President or not. Don’t get me wrong, she talks when needed and speaks for those who don’t have a voice, but her silent leadership skills are what I admired the most! Julie was always someone I looked to as a great example!

Yes, she always had/has the best sense of fashion. And yes, she wasn’t one who did the “bad things.” But most importantly, Julie knew when to be quite and let others led. She knew how to make others feel important and encouraged! She was never one to always want the spotlight. Julie knew when to guide and lead by actions rather than words. She was a great example of someone you could look to when you were not sure what to be doing yourself.

I have always admired Julie! I have much respect for the person she was then and is today. I’ll admit that even though we served as officers together for a year, I feel I have gotten closer to her over this past year through the blog community.

In all honesty, Julie’s blog is easily in my top five favorite blogs to read! Though this will sound weird, and I don’t want it to come off as bragging, though I know that’s how it will, her blog reminds me a lot of my own (I hope that isn’t a bad thing…HA!). I enjoy the topics she chooses to write about, as well as the route she takes when writing the entries. I think the thing I like most about her blog is the way her intellect shines through her writing. Julie is very intelligent (though she doesn’t give herself that credit most of the time)! She truly is one of my smartest friends!

Julie is a thinker, and I TOTALLY respect that! You can bet that if Julie has a decision to make, she will think it out and make a wise choice. This is just one of the qualities about Julie that makes me assured that she will do big things in her life ahead!

On a value-note, I respect Julie for her devotion to school to continue on toward a graduate degree. I too am sitting in that same boat, and since there are a limited few of us from our groups of friends who ventured down this route, it reminds me of a common bond I have with Julie once again!

So many times I feel as if Julie and I think in similar manners. I’ve always thought, ever since I really started to get to know Julie, maybe the latter part of our junior year or so, that we are more alike than we might think…HA! And I don’t say that to scare her, or for that matter, anyone that might not know her, but knows me….HA! Despite what that comment might lead your thoughts too (HA!), Julie is a GREAT person!

Julie is someone that if you’re blessed enough to know her, especially to call her a friend, you will be blessed forever by her gentle spirit! But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Julie was my roommate for 4YEARS in college, yes I said 4 years. I think that has to be some sort of record for putting up with/living with a person (other than family or spouse). Julie is such an intelligent, ambitious women who so many wonderful characteristics that I could not even list them all. I know that she will find a wonderful man that will compliment all of her qualities and will treat her like a queen!
~Your roommie, Kbob

I have always respected Julie so much because she knows who she is and what she stands for and that doesn't waver, no matter what. Probably one of my most vivid memories with Julie was during pledging our Senior Year. Kacey Sullivan and I wanted to do something mean to the Flames during an activity and Julie kept telling us no. We got frustrated and tried to guilt and goad her into it. She turned around and looked at me and said that GATA stood for something and she stood for something and that she would under no circumstances let us do anything to jepordize either. I still wasn't really happy with her, but looking back- I'm glad she didn't let us be mean to them. I would've regretted it later, and Julie was kind of my moral compass that night when mine was a little skewed.
Katey Earles

Julie is an amazing friend. Julie is one of those friends that you can go 3 months without seeing, but when you finally get a chance to see her…it’s like no time has passed. Julie is sensitive, emotional, smart, funny, beautiful and warm all wrapped up. Her drive and intelligence never cease to amaze me. On a materialistic side…Julie has some of the best fashion sense of anyone I know! Julie is definitely a New Yorker born in Texas! I’ve seen Jules laugh till she cried and cry till she laughed! I’ve seen her at her best and at her worst. And the great thing is…she’s definitely seen me at my worst…and still loves me! Her family is amazing and they have done a fabulous job of instilling strong, Christian morals in Julie. I can’t wait to see where God takes her! She’s definitely going to do something GREAT!
Jennifer Ellison

I love Julie because she is Julie. Julie can always laugh at herself, even if the situation really is pretty embarrassing. I love her sense of humor, and how she can always make me laugh. She is also one of the most genuine people I've ever met- she doesn't pull any punches, but if Julie is your friend you never have to question whether or not she will be there for you. She will always be upfront and honest with you and I respect that a lot.
Katey Earles

Though I have MANY, many memories with Julie but the one that I most remember that touched my heart was during our junior year of college. I got sick, I mean really sick and she took me to the hospital and stayed with me the whole time even through the night. She even stayed while I was throwing up constantly and my boyfriend wouldn't even stay in the room. She demonstrated true friendship even in the roughest times. That is just one of many memories when Julie was there for me. I love you Julie and you know that I am always here for you!
~Your roommie, Kbob


Jennifer said...

Julie Goen, I love you very, very much. Of all our girls, you are one of the ones that I feel I can most relate to. I enjoyed our deeper conversations in college that we had so much! Aside from the fact that we have alot of similar ideas and beliefs, I've just always had so much fun with you. "152 pock marks from the 152 moles he's had removed." What movie? Oh, I know you know it. I don't even have to ask. I shared a very important first with you in the GATA House of Sin kitchen, and while I know that both of us have done it more than once since then, I'll always have that memory with you. You are so graceful and beautiful and I love the way you carry yourself and the way you deal with people. I love you, girl, and I can't wait to see you ASAP!

GITCHA said...

I remember sitting around my house talking about the pledges that were in the process of pledging GATA. Julie's name came up and all I can remember is my cousin saying, "Now that is the kind of girl that I want my brother to marry." I think those simple words speak a lot about just what kind of person Julie is.