Friday, April 21, 2006

I Confess...

...I am admist a not so typical Friday for myself...

...I am not doing my homework like I'm "supposed" to be doing right now...

...I have a new book I HAVE to have now...


1.) Last night I was informed that I would be not only doing my "typical Friday" routine of taking my cousins to school, which requires getting up at 6 AM to drive them 1.5 hours to their school (where their mom lives), but that I would also have to pick them up after school (normally my aunt or uncle will go get them if I had to drop them off that morning for school). So, instead of spending some 6 hours driving today, I told them I would just drop my cousins off at school and stay down in the "little town" for the day and then pick them up after school. This way saving me some driving and them some gas money and mileage.

My aunt's response: "So are you going to like rent a room or something for the day?"

HA! HA! Some people make me laugh! ;)

No, no room renting. I told her I was going to just go spend the day at the library I found online that they actually have down there. I have plenty of homework to be working on, so it will work out well. The library doesn't open till 9 AM and I will have dropped my cousins off at school by 8 AM, but I'll just take a pillow and nap in the car, as I'll be tired.

So this morning...

I dropped the girls off and then drove to the library parking lot and began to nap at 8:20 AM. I decided I should get up at 10 AM! HA! But first, before homework, needed to drive across the street to the Sonic for breakfast...HA! Yep, a library AND a Sonic--and to think the sign for the town said they only have like 1500 or 2000 folks living here. HA!

So after "breakfast" it was time to see this library. I love libraries! Even considered buying one of the "Libraries Matter" bracelets that they sell here (you know, those rubber bracelets like the "Live Strong" ones).

This little library is cute. It has a big "meeting" room off the side of it--which they apparently had a Yoga class in earlier today. As when I woke up from "napping" in the car I saw women walking in in exercise clothes carrying Yoga mats...HA!

But the actual library side isn't all that "big," but it is still cute. Size-wise, it is about as big as say "Hart Auditorium" at ACU. Decent sized for a small town. And hey, they have this wireless internet I'm accessing right now, so they are "moving right up." ;)

2.) By this point you are aware of the fact that my homework isn't being done right now, since I AM blogging, but the confession is really for more than that. Prior to my writing this blog entry, I got lost in the land of cyberspace for about an hour due to one of my routine "blog checks."

[Note: A "routine blog check" includes my quick runthrough of all the blogs I read to see if any of them have been updated.]

So when the blog check got to the point of no new updates, I gave into the sidebar links on people's blogs, and THAT was what stole my attention...

It was Nicole's blog that I got sucked into, as she has recently updated her "Blogs she reads" and one in particular had me completely enthralled!


[Description of what "PostSecret" is...from my understanding, it is a guy that allows people to anonymously mail him postcards they have created themselves that express their "confession" through whatever form they want too. Words, pictures, etc. Then he shares the confessions with people through the website.]

3.) Depending on how close of attention you pay when you're in that website, you'll learn that there is actually a book entitled "PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives" by Frank Warren...

...I plan to visit HalfPrice Books tonight!


So those are my confessions. Nothing as creative or deep as you might find on PostSecret, but with my recent post about secrets I thought this was interesting to reference to confessing secrets that is.

But not only that, but I wanted to share this site with you as I have not gotten that into wanting a book so suddenly and badly as I was hit with this one!

Many of the confessions are deep and heart-felt. You read them and think, "Wow." Or possibly even, "You too!??!" But still others of the confessions are simply HILARIOUS! You'll understand what I mean when you read some of them, particularly the "sample pages" from the book which can be found on

It's also funny how one website can take you on a frezy through so many other ones...HA!

It was the PostSecret blog page (which I love because it is updated weekly, apparently, and I can get a weekly fix now of these confessions that are so interesting and creatively shared), which led me to the Amazon website to see what the book looks like so I will know what I'm looking for at the bookstore. But then on Amazon, gotta love that "So You'd Like Too..." section which is a listing of more books "similar" to the book you just searched under. It was then that I began my journey through cyberspace intrigued by the prevalence of confession books and websites. Very interesting...

So, I of course recommend PostSecret to you all. But I also found this one called, GroupHug, through its related book, "Stoned, Naked, and Looking in my Neighbor's Window: A book of confessions from" by Gabriel Jeffrey. Sounds interesting too, just not as much as PostSecret to me.

I will include my observation of the websites though, and that is that PostSecret seems more of an adult and more "mature" (so to say) audience, while GroupHug seems to be more of a teenager outlet. With this being the case, you can expect a lot more profanity in the confessions on GroupHug.


This small town life is cute. I like listening to the friendly people in the library behind me. They talk about cute small town things and they all know one another. So cute.

[Note: Talk that is "about cute small town things" includes topics like, "Oh did you see the women's flower garden displays in town?!"]

I might need to move out of the big city afterall. I DID live my YOUNG childhood years in a small town, before moving to St. Louis, so I haven't ALWAYS been a "big city girl." ;)


Nicole Ashley said...

Yay for PostSecret! One of the highlights of my week is reading the new "secrets" posted every Sunday. I find the cards so fascinating and have to admit to having written a few myself (although I haven’t sent them in yet). It's amazing how many cards I read and think, "I could have written that." I really want to get the book so if you do get it, you'll have to tell me how it is.

sHaMrOcK said...

Yea, PostSecrect is some crazy stuff! Chance & I check it every Sunday when it's updated. :D