Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Camping 101

What a load of fun I had this past weekend getting to camp with 9 of my friends from my undergraduate college experience. Each of the nine women were women I had met through my social club which I spent three years active in. What a great bunch of women I have been blessed to know from that experience!

I got some AMAZING pictures from the weekend (I LOVE pictures)! And another of the women even got some funny videos which we posted on YouTube. The camping experience would not be complete without all the laughs, jokes, and reminiscing we did about past times and pranks. We often times found ourselves together doing things such as skipping rocks in the lake, playing catch, roasting hot dogs, taking hikes, singing karaoke, and shining our flashlights up in the woods behind us at night thinking there were animals coming down the hill into our camp site!

At night if we weren't laughing about past experiences we had had with one another, we were laughing at our neighboring campers at the park. We had our large group of heavily intoxicated partiers directly across from us, and then our Bob Marley singing, marijuana smoking, dog losing couple diagonally across from our site--who could have asked for a better bunch of neighboring campers! ;)

All that said, I think I speak for everyone that a GREAT time was had during our camping experience! I wanted to end with some of my favorite quotes from the weekend. Feel free to add any additional ones that I might have left off, fellow campers!

  • Did someone say something about shots?! ~ Ellison
  • What the hell?! ~ Witcher (coming from inside the small tent filled with 4 people)
  • Did anybody bring the teabags?!? ;)
  • I was looking for a little lap action! ~Ellison to Janaye
  • Oh, there's our dog again. And he's with the same people and he has his leash this time. ~the neighboring campers who were high and singing Bob Marley (their dog KEPT getting loose and wondering into our campsite)
  • I'm glad my first time was with you all. ~Rawlings

Tee hee hee! We had some fun times....what can I say! HA!


Jackie Beth said...

Working on dinner #2. KEEP 825 ALIVE. JB

Anonymous said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time!! I'm jealous. haha j/k Yay! for camping.

Hope all is well with you, my friend.