Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is what I've decided today. You know how they say the peak sexual years for women is in her later 20s. Well I think that's what they say, and we're are going to go with that based on it supporting my theory right now. Anyways, I think because of that, women's hormone levels are higher then. That would make sense, right? Right. So because of this, I think PMS is worse for women around those years. That makes sense, right? Right. Glad you're seeing you don't have much say in the matter on this one! ;) Not only that, but I bet you can already tell where this post is steaming from...

Anyways, since I'm really not one to shy away from talking about much anything (you should catch a "balcony talk" with me sometime if you're interested in all SORTS of fun talks), I want to talk about PMS for a minute. Women, you know what I'm talking about. Men, you know too from living through it, just not necessarily with it.

I swear I never used to experience PMS. You'd never be able to tell when I was about to start, nor could I for that matter, but I swear, over the past year or so, something has kicked in and it seems like I turn into this emotional person right before the time. This is not typical me. And I KNOW it's strange because out of NO WHERE I'll find myself thinking, "man, I just feel like crying" yet at the same time, I'm not sure why...HA! Now, I'm fully aware that is also a symptom of depression, but I've learned the difference in myself from when I'm depressed and when I'm PMSing...HA! With one of them you get a sudden sign telling you which category you fall into....HA!

Come on, ladies. You know you know what I'm talking about. I've had this same discussion with another of my girl-friends recently and she knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. You know, like you realize you're acting like a bitch, and getting pissed off over the stupidest things, or you're crying at things that normally wouldn't bother you, or of all things you're crying for absolutely no reason. And then that day comes when it hits you, "OH, right, right." It's good to know you really AREN'T just turning into a bitch...HA HA HA!

I just want to end with this. Let me give you two examples of emotional PMSing. Both examples can be learned from watching one video.

1.) When I watched this, I found myself getting all emotional thinking about it and thinking how sweet it was that she would get this worked up over two young girls being upset. I mean to go to this extent on a nationally broadcast show truly shows one's caring state of being.

2.) She must be highly emotional to get to that point on a nationally broadcast show.

Watch This Video Clip


Now that you saw that I was referring to in the lessons because you've seen the clip you'll see that in lesson...

1.) I was OBVIOUSLY PMSing because if I wasn't I would have probably watched that clip and thought, my gosh, get control of yourself Ellen. I'm sure something can be worked out with the puppy rescue folks. Let's not go into, as your biggest competitor Oprah would say, "the snot-cry" on national television!

2.) Scratch PMSing for her...it's probably menopause.

P.S....I'm not proofreading this post because honestly, I don't care....HA!


bpb said...

They're not going to give the dob back to the hairdresser's family.

bpb said...

oops - dog not dob