Saturday, March 22, 2008

People Come Into Our Lives

I haven't blogged in over a month. I haven't put off blogging because I didn't want or know how to "continue" with the series I was on -- that is not the case at all. Matter of fact, on February 25th, I began writing the next piece to the series I was in the middle of (the continuation to the previous post); however, I found it to not be a good writing night, as the words didn't seem to be flowing out of me as I like them normally to do, so I set the blog aside and decided there's always tomorrow. Little did I know that later that night my mind/body would wig out on me and leave me in state of anxiety, which would keep me from the blogging realm for quite some time.

For nearly a month I haven't felt "right." Stressed I suppose, but it left me feeling in ways I've never felt before, thus I was scared many times and it wasn't till the past week or so that I've been feeling pretty good again. Thankfully, I've gotten to where I'm feeling calm again the majority of the time and I'm able to sleep, breath, smile, joke, and enjoy life almost back to "normal."

So, though I have the "continuation" of the previous blog series started and that is REALLY what blog post should be appearing here, I'd like to briefly comment on something else I'm seeing right now in my life...

I think it's so cool how people seem to have people come into their life when they really need them most. Have you ever noticed that new friends or "important people" in you life seem to show up just when you need them? I think sometimes we don't noticed just how much BOTH of the individuals actually need one another at the time. Sure, maybe one individual might seem more vulnerable or needy at the time, but most of the time, there are needs that are being met for both individuals.

The dynamics of relationships are so fascinating!

I've recently found myself getting close to a new individual in my life. It's been an honor for me to be able to be there for this person, as she is handling at lot in her life at this time; yet, I don't think she knows how much it's meant to me to have her there right now too. How could she not know she's actually being there for me so much right now you might ask?

One of the interesting things about friendships and support is just how sometimes all we need is someone that we can just feel they care. That they are there. It's someone to spend time with, even if you don't really have anything you feel you need to talk to them about. It's someone you enjoy everytime you get to see them. It's someone that you find yourself having reminders of them throughout your day, even if you aren't around the person at the time. You find yourself seeing a car that resembles theirs and it makes you smile and think of them. You find yourself randomly thinking about something they told you two days before it and makes you laugh out loud when no one is around.

...that is how my friend has been there for me, and it's really not something that people find them self being aware that they are actually doing it. Does that make sense? Anyways...

And then when you're with them, you can forget that other things are bothering you because you're focused on your time with them. Sure, sometimes you let yourself get focused and involved with what you want to help and support them with based on what they are dealing with, but sometimes it's even more than that. You welcome the break from worrying or dealing with your own life circumstances simply so you can feel free from your own life for a moment.

As I've gotten to know this individual I've continued to be fascinated by how she works and what makes her "tick." HA! [Note: That's how I am with just about everyone I meet....I try to figure them out and how they interact with others and the world.]

What's been so fascinating and interesting to me recently is how much this individual reminds me of a cross between one of my best friends and myself...HA! Tonight I was sitting and talking with this individual for a couple hours, and over and over again I found myself just sitting there listening to her and just smiling and almost beginning to laugh. Sometimes she'd ask me what I was laughing about and I would say, "you." HA! I'd then proceed to tell her how funny I found it that she and I were so much alike. And if it wasn't that I had her figured out because I knew what she was thinking due to the fact that she was thinking in a way similar to me, I'd have her figured out because she would be thinking in a way so similar to my best friend. HA!

I don't know. I just think it's interesting how people seem to come into our lives when we need them....and THAT is such a blessing!


jules said...

glad you're back.

kilax said...

And I love how people keep entering our lives, over and over, even when you think you won't meet new, wonderful people... you do! :)

ACU35 said...

Yes, just when we need them there they are. I once met a person and I felt that my life was complete because I had this person that later became a good friend. It felt almost as if my whole life scenerio led up to that point just to have met that particular friend later in life. It is a wonderful feeling that people like you are descibing here leave in your heart.