Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day at a Child Abuse Prevention Workshop

Yes, I know -- I haven't posted in FOREVER. Anyways, this is just going to be a short piece to share a couple videos I got to see today at a workshop I went to today on Child Abuse Prevention. The workshop started off with one of the speakers showing the first of the videos I'm going to share with you, and then they concluded the entire day with the second video I'm about to show you. Honestly, I don't know that I would have ended the workshop on such a sad note, but they did it in hopes that it would make our day really hit home as to how real child abuse is. Whatever the case, I can tell you that the first video will probably leave you with your guy hurting from laughing, and the second video will leave your heart hurting.

This was a humorous way to start the day by talking about how relationships in our lives are important and that they really do have a big impact on our lives:

Now, this video is the one that they ended the workshop on. I will tell you know, in a room of several hundred attendees, most left crying and just about all the rest of us had least had tears in our eyes:

And for anyone doubting the truth behind this video, I did the story JUST to make sure it wasn't something made up to try to pull at people's heart-strings. Unfortunately, it's very true and that's the saddest part...


kilax said...

Those people who make SIMS videos are so hilarious! That song confused me.

And the second video made me feel awful. That poor poor girl :(

Holly said...

Wow, that second one is very, very sad. :(