Saturday, June 21, 2008

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Ted Poe is a representative from the Houston, Texas area who is serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. I've known of him for a good few years because he graduate from my alma mater, ACU, and I actually had a class with his daughter while I was there. Mr. Poe is known for his creative ways to teach criminals lessons, as he spent many years as a judge in the Houston area prior to his time in Congress. From what I gather, he is a pretty witty individual.

Here's you a taste of Mr. Poe. I think you'll agree with me, in that he has very creative ways to get his points across! =)

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jules said...

funny that you blogged about him. he was on cnn yesterday. not for light bulbs, though.

anyway, the whole time i was watching the light bulb video i kept thinking, "those are arguments only a lawyer would make." sure enough...

hope all is well in kimberly smith's world! forgive me for not emailing back yet... i always have lots to say to you! :)