Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who Am I?

As I approach my two-year blog anniversary (and yes, though you might be looking at my archive right now and saying, "uh, no, no two-year coming up. You must take into consideration my "old blog" which you can find on my links on the sidebar), I have some thoughts crossing my mind and I need some input.

Over the past two years I have shared a lot of my "thoughts," including some personal cases, but probably more just "thoughts." Whatever the case, I'm curious what has come from this...

I'm asking for your comments as in what you have learned about me from my blogging. Granted, many of you have not been with me from the beginning, but whether you started reading last week or more than a year ago, you most likely have learned something "new" about me from one or more of my entries. So...

What have you learned about me?

It can be something as straight-forward as something I came out and said about myself in an entry that maybe you didn't know, or it can be something more in-depth that you have come to realize about me based on your "observations" from my entries.

Also, for some of you who might have known me fairly well, prior to reading my blog, maybe this has just reinforced something you thought you were pretty sure you knew about me. In that case, you can respond with that too.

Don't be shy, and don't think your comments have to be "positive," as I am just as curious for criticisms as well.

Tell me something(s).

This has potential for leading me to something else...

[NOTE: Please keep in mind what you have "learned" about me, should be geared toward what you have learned through my blog entries. If you have learned something about me over the past two years in reference to other means of knowing me (i.e. from hanging out together, or IMing together, or talking on the phone), do not take that into consideration. Merely from having read some of my blog entries.]

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