Sunday, June 04, 2006


i'm not a very humble person...

...but i've been humbled tonight by Someone.

It can be hard to get me to shut-up when i want to say something, but Someone has shut me up. For once i kept my words simple and short.

i really appreciate this Someone.

Unfortunately, i can not get myself to humble for many, but i have tonight for One.

And i also have been reminded at how the physical body can get so "off" when the heart is hurting...

...sometimes we are not as strong as we would like to act or believe.

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Anonymous said...

it's amazing how people or situations or whatever can bring you to humbleness. i love it. it's hard, it's sickening sometimes, and it's usually (for me anyway) a pretty long experience...but it is so rewarding.

i find myself wanting to be humbled so often that contradictory? i dunno.

blessings, my friend.