Monday, June 05, 2006

Blue Like Monday Mornings

Blue Like Jazz Chapter 20 –Jesus: The Lines on His Face

I was watching one of those news shows on television several months ago about a woman whose son was on death row. He had killed a man and buried him in the woods. The television show followed the woman around during her son’s last few days. The cameras were there for the last visit when the son, a young black man, sat across from his mother in the prison visiting room, and the mother had tears in her eyes and was trying so very hard to disguise the fear and regret and confusion and panic.

These are the scenarios that get me every time.

Being in the son’s shoes is the situation I mentioned in a recent blog entry. I mean where does your mind even “go to” when you’re in the situation of facing your impendent death?!?! Oh the thoughts that must cross one’s mind during those last hours…

But then you can’t forget the mother. While facing your own inevitable death is of course the toughest thought to deal with, I’m sure facing the death of a very close loved one is a close second. What would you say? What are your last words? It is obviously not a “see you later” situation.

In both situations, I can’t even imagine the feelings that would come across one’s being…


We kept hitting repeat on the CD player and ended up listening to Patty Griffin sing about Mary more than forty consecutive times.

I just like this sentence because it reminds me that I’m somewhat normal! ;)

…of course, my typical “repeat” songs are NOT Patty Griffin, but I can bet I’ve played some other songs near “forty consecutive times.”

You can’t help but just get hooked on some good songs!


Everybody sings their song the way they hear it…

That’s so true! And thankfully, that is what makes us all different! It is the different life experiences that affect our “song,” allowing us our own way of singing it.

What a beautiful thing!


But what song will you sing when your soul gets set free?

That’s a good question, but I also would ask, have you let your “soul” be “set free?”

There is so much possibility!


And that concludes the blog series on Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz text.

What an amazing book! What a deep thinking, gentleman. Mr. Miller—quite the clever guy.

I plan to start another Monday blog series, but the series topic possibilities are still being considered. Like I said…

“There is so much possibility!”

[Note: All the above text in smaller italic print has been quoted directly from Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz”]

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