Monday, October 09, 2006

It's Monday! YOU Do the Math!

I was asked on Friday to write a co-worker and friend of mine a letter of recommendation because she would be meeting with a representative from my alma mater on Monday to discuss future schooling possibilities.

I was honored to be asked to write the letter, especially for someone as distinguished as herself, as she was just crowned the 2006 Homecoming Queen for her high school this weekend as a graduating senior; however, at the same time I do not think myself to be someone with much prestige to be writing someone a letter of recommendation, but oh well.

I mention this to introduce this week's statistics because I chose to share some numbers I found on what are the Top Ten Toughest Schools to Get Into for college. Granted, I'll be quick to admit that I am in no way writing this letter to get my friend into one of these schools, but at the same time, my alma mater has its own distinguished qualities. ;)

So without further ado...

The Top Ten Toughest Schools to Get Into:

10. Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island)
9. Stanford University (Stanford, California)
8. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
7. Columbia University (New York, New York)
6. California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, California)
5. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (Needham, Massachusetts)
4. Harvard College (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
3. Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)
2. Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut)

and the #1 most difficult school to get into...

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

So there you have it. Good luck applying! ;)

[The above statistics were taken from this article. More information about each school is available in the article.]

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Holly said...

This may seem a little bit far-fetched, but someone was telling me that the FBI collects the names and info of all students accepted into MIT because they have the potential to be a "threat." Who knows. heh heh.