Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Monday! YOU Do the Math!

This week I'm going to fill the "numbers" and "stats" from the events of this past weekend when I found myself visiting my alma mater for the celebration of Homecoming!

  • Out of the 12 individuals who were at dinner at some point with us on Friday night, all but 5 of us were or had been teachers at some point. And if you look at only the women in the group, which was 10 of us, only 3 of us had never been teachers!
  • Homecoming Queen Nominees: 4 Kojies, 2 GATAs, 1 Kai-O, and 1 DT. No Siggies!?!?! The DT won it.
  • The football team won by the score of 35-7. The other teams touchdown was not scored until the last few minutes of the whole game. This win put the team at their best start for a season (6-0) since 1950.
  • A reminder of why freshman should not be involved in pranking--they have a 1 o'clock curfew on weekends!
  • The number of times I sang the GATA fountain songs during the weekend: 3 times.
  • The number of times that I found myself watching the others around me to make sure I did the right moves at the right times during the fountain songs: 3 times!
  • The number of times I said my new commonly used phrases "You make me laugh" or "You make me smile": about a million.
  • The number of times an alumni of my senior asked me for pranking advice during the weekend: 4 times.
  • The price I paid for gas when filling up on Sunday to make my trip back home: $1.86.
  • The times I went to bed this weekend: 12:30 AM on Friday night, 1:45 AM on Sat. night, and after being woke up by a cell phone call I went BACK to bed again at 2:00 AM on Sat. night!
  • The score of the Cardinals playoff game on Sat. night that I watched with two of my siblings: 5-0 Cardinals won!
  • The number of pictures I took on my camera this weekend: 34.
  • The number of hours I spent studying for my up-coming mid-term while I was out of town: 0 (zero).

And last but certainly not least...

  • The number of memories I made this weekend: un-countable!

Thanks for the good times, friends!


Ellison said...

This weekend was great! So glad you came to town pal! Can't wait for the November trip!

PS-there were 2 alpha kais on the court...not that we're counting!

FeedingYourMind said...

Opps...I guess their second one just somehow slipped my mind! ;)

Katey said...

So good to see everyone, so sad I didn't go to dinner Fri night, so glad to sing fountain songs and be just as confused as you, such a good weekend! Man, I miss you guys- who said living out of state was a good idea? I didn't get much quantity time with you and I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get called about the pranking, but it was so good to see everyone!

Becky said...

Wish I could have been there.