Friday, December 30, 2005

Self-Awareness Exercise #1

Help be more self-aware that is! ;)

Question (obviously for those who know me personally, sorry for you random blog world stalkers I have...HA!): Have you ever, or do you find yourself feeling as if when you have spent time with me that I analyze you while we are hanging out? For example, maybe we were hanging out and you said something or did something, and you thought, "she is so analyzing me in her head based on what I just said/did."

I'm not asking do you think I do this; I'm asking do you, or have you ever, felt that way, in that you felt, "She's analyzing me," or even more, do you ever find yourself thinking, if I tell her something, she will analyze me.

Feel free to post your comment anonymously, should you not want to leave your name. It doesn't bother me either way, not that I feel this question is critical and judgmental either way that you might answer it. But I'm just saying... ;)


Katey said...

I think you've done it to me. It never really bothered me, but there were definitely times when you got that "look" on your face like you were trying to really figure it out. I consider that a good friend, someone who will analyze you and then try to help you figure things out.

Mark E. Lopez said...

I assume people analyze me, because I analyze them ;)

Ellison said...

I've never thought you were analyzing me, but I guess it's possible that you have. Tell me Dr. Smith, what do you think? At some point, you'll have to charge me for your advice, but as of right now, we'll count it as graduate work:) Miss ya tons man!