Friday, December 16, 2005


In honor of the seven deadly sins.....well really just by buddy Ellison tagging me...I present the "seven" survey....

List 7 things to do before I die (in no particular order):
1. Get my clinical license (LCSW)
2. Have my own private practice
3. Publish a book
4. Get married
5. Have kids
6. Get a Ph.D.
7. Attend a Superbowl

List 7 things I cannot (or will not) do:
1. Swim
2. Dunk a basketball
3. Swallow a pill
4. Watch a soap opera
5. Give blood (it makes me want to pass out thinking about it)
6. Sleep with my clients (they have and will ask...HA!)
7. Get contacts in and out of my eyes (though I haven't tried again since high school)

List 7 things that attract me to my spouse(or Opposite Sex):
1. Sense of humor
2. Loves sports
3. Not arrogant
4. Loves to laugh
5. Believes in me
6. Loves my family and friends
7. Gotta love a goatee! HA!

List 7 things I say most often:
1. "Nice, Nice" (I got that one from my internship supervisor and I say it WAY too much now!)
2. "Whatever"
3. "Cool"
4. "Freakin'"
5. "For real"
6. "Riiiiiiiiiiiiight"
7. "Are you kiddin' me?!"

List 7 books or series that I love:
Okay, I have to redefine this section. First I must take a quote from my buddy Ellison's blog that SOOO describes me too, "I love buying books, but I don’t read them. I have tons of books at my house, most of which I’ve never read." See, I love books and I start TONS of books, but I never finish them. Nothing against the book itself, I just can never make myself sit down and read. However, I have the utmost respect for readers, ESPECIALLY nonfiction readers! And I LOVE getting books! I honestly hope to one day read all of them too!

So, here is books I can remember reading completely and then some that I've started that I own (though I might have started them years ago...HA!)

1. The Outsiders (in junior high and I actually read the book! Normally got cliffnotes, but not that time! Good book!)
2. Can't remember the title, but it was about the Oklahoma City Bombing and Timothy McVeigh
3. Zig Ziglar's autobiography
Those are the three I can remember reading cover to cover...HA! Sad, I know. And I'm sure there might be another. I'd just have to think about it. And I'm also sure I've probably lost a lot of respect too because of this confession...HA! Oh well! ;)
4. The Case for Christ [started]
5. The Case for Faith [started]
6. How to Get Published (for sure) [started]
7. Prozac Nation [started]
And there's more, trust me! HA!

List 7 movies I would watch over and over again:
1. Life as a House
2. Million Dollar Baby
3. Remember the Titans
4. The Village
5. Patch Adams
6. Phenomenon
7. Searching for Bobby Fischer

List seven people I would love to join in (if they haven't already done so):
1. Janaye
2. Lindsey
3. Nicole
4. Sarah
5. ACU35
6. Becca
7. JB

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