Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Questions On My Mind...

Here are a few questions I have had cross my mind lately. I think all of them could develop into nice blog topics, but for the current time, I'll leave them as this: just some questions to put out there to ponder and think about in your free time.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on any of them if you should feel so desired...

1. Have you ever met a homosexual that does not claim they were born that way? Have you ever met a heterosexual that does not claim they were born that way? Why do we simply accept one group for their claims and question the other?

2. Do men ever get upset with their wives who choose to be "homemakers," especially when there are no children in the picture? Do they ever think to their selves, "free-loaders!?"

3. Do you think John Mark Karr is satisfied with the attention he has gained yet? I mean, I have had some real eye-openers lately to people seeking attention, but this is taking the cake. I'm pretty sure he is innocent.


jules said...

1. i am of the mind that for many, if not most, homosexuals it's not a conscious decision as to whom they're attracted. it's a conscious decision as to whether or not they'll act on that attraction, but... i never had to tell myself that i'm straight. it's just that way. i haven't always felt this way about homosexuality, but i do now. i do think heterosexuality is the natural way to go about things, just because of the way we're made physically, and based on my religious beliefs i think heterosexuality is the course i'm commanded to take. but, if people are born with the impulse to have sex with little children or a mental disorder that causes them to want to kill other people, then why can't some be born with an attraction to those of the same sex? i don't understand it, but that's how i think it is...

oh, and sheryl swoopes (former ttu basketball player and current wnba player relatively recently came out of the closet. she was married with a child, but said she chose to become gay. that's the only one i've ever known to say that.

2. i don't like the idea of freeloading. i don't like laziness. i don't like shirking responsibilities. that said, i don't know how husbands feel about wives who don't work and don't have kids at home. i suppose if the wife, or husband for that matter, has responsibilities to which she attends then it's probably not as big a deal. while life is certainly not about working yourself to death, it's absolutely not about you sitting on the couch all day... i have strong feelings about the subject, can you tell? i suppose the answer to your question depends on the situation, but i can quickly name a couple of cases in which the spouse who has/had to work begins to resent the spouse who stays/stayed at home (not stay-at-home mom/dad situations) after awhile. laziness is UGLY!

3. i have a feeling karr is innocent of the murder of jb ramsey, also. he's guilty of many other things, like trying to be in the spotlight too much, but i don't think he killed her. he's sick (literally) and i don't believe him. and i agree that he takes the cake in his ability to try and take center stage, although i know some people who could almost rival him. almost.

(this is a late-night comment - just finished studying. sorry.) good questions, madame blog author. and btw, my word verification is "hoacrp"... hoa! crap! ;)

Holly said...

1. I've known a person w/ same sex atrraction who said they chose it. As for a heterosexual, I don't think I've known someone who does not claim they were born that way. Why do we simply accept one group for their claims and question the other? Because we're imperfect humans.

2. Yeah, I think some men do -- mainly when there's no children involved. I'm sure the same sometimes goes for women whose husbands stay at home. Sometimes I think it is good though to at least have someone there to take care of the house and have dinner ready in the evenings, even if there's no kids. More power to someone if they can afford a maid/housekeeper!

3. I think his plan must just be unfolding and he probably has more tricks (or delusions?) up his sleeve. If he is delusional, I'm not so sure how "satisfied" he is. However, it does seem as if he is enjoying all this attention. Whatever the case, it's an intriguing -- although sad -- story. The news this morning said his family is already in the midst of making a book deal (and maybe a movie one, too?) about the whole thing and plan to use the money to send Karr's three kids to college. Hmm.