Tuesday, August 29, 2006


We all have thoughts on gossip. I'm not going to share thoughts here. I just want to point my readers in the direction of a wonderful blog entry on the topic of gossip. Maybe this will help some people take a different view on gossip, because once you realize that everyone does it and for the reasons that they do, it's easier to accept.

The link is here; HOWEVER, I do warn you. The author of this blog is HIGHLY intelligent and I'd be lying if I said I am able to always follow his blogs...HA! This particular entry wasn't what I would say "over-my-head," but at the same time, it does involve a lot of psychological talk.

What can I say? This man was one AMAZING professor to take courses from! It was quite a blessing for me back then, and it is a blessing for me to get to continue to learn from him via his blog nowadays!


ACU35 said...

Right On! Dr. Beck is one of the smartest people that I know whom I have much respect for. If you all want to take a $1,000 course from him for free then just visit his blog. You will definetly not regret it!

gbyouthminister said...

if your excited about having me comment, then why am i a jerk? that seriously hurts my feelings.

FeedingYourMind said...

gbyouthminister: I was simply asking a question, which was obvious from the question marks used. Had I been calling you a "jerk" I would have used a period! ;)

I'm sorry your misunderstanding led to your feelings being hurt.

I was simply trying to follow the examples you left (following your formating style of sentences) to try to see if I was getting your point.

I suppose I was misunderstanding your comment too:
"i guess you have a point in that, but it doesnt really seem like a point worth making, huh?"

I guess I must have misunderstood that point, because I thought you were saying there really was not "a point worth making" in my blog. It's a good thing that must not have been what you meant by that comment, because had you had meant that I would have gotten my feelings hurt, but obviously you were not making THAT point, right? I mean I'm sure you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings as I apparently have hurt yours. ;)

NOTE: This comment, and the one left by "gbyouthminister" previously to this blog are in reference to the comments exchanged between myself and "gbyouthminister" at this location:

gbyouthminister said...

im sorry that my comment hurt your feelings. that was not my intention.

Holly said...

My iPod talks to me.

Holly said...

Woops... wrong post! hahahah