Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blue + Yellow makes....

Remember back when mixing two colors to make a new color was like the coolest thing?!?! It was like magic!!

Remember when you first learned that (not remember it in the sense of the exact moment or date, but remembering the feeling of the experience)? Remember how it was like you possessed this new ability? YOU could make a new color! It was like you had a special power now! You had been shown-the-light!

Mixing water-colors on the color wheels...

Scribbling with the crayon, only to scribble over it with the second crayon to watch the "magic" take place right before your eyes...

Man, I loved the excitement of childhood experiences!

Blue + Yellow = GREEN!

Red + Yellow = ORANGE!

Blue + Red = PURPLE!


Okay, that's about it. I just wanted to share that, because it made me smile recalling those thoughts.

[Honestly, I had totally forgotten about the process of mixing colors to get other colors. I mean how often does that "subject" seem to come up in "adulthood?!?!" And the only reason I recalled the experience was because I sure did just go in the bathroom earlier and found the water in the toilet was blue from one of those cleaning tablets being placed in it (gotta love those things) and I sure did urinate in it only to finish and see the "magic" of GREEN!!! HA HA HA HA!]

I sure did just share that last part of this story with you because I wanted to "tag" or "label" this post with the word "urinate"....HA! But it IS a true story, so why not share it too! HA!

P.S. You know you read this blog because you just NEVER know what will show up here....HA! ;)

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