Thursday, February 15, 2007

Runaway Love

I love this song right now! It wasn't until last night that I really paid attention to the lyrics, but after paying attention to them, I couldn't help but look it up online as soon as I got home so I could watch the video!

I must say, I've never been a big fan of Ludacris because the majority of his songs are rather vulgar in my opinion, but I give him my props on this one! I'm sure my girl Mary J. Blige had a little something to do with it being less vulgar since she is singing in the song with him.

How can you not listen to this song and wonder how many of the women in your life were one of these girls? How many women do you know, but really NOT know that have had similar stories? How can you not wonder about the people you come in contact with and wonder what has that one person been through in their life up to this point?

Just the other night I was talking to a friend about how it is so ignorant for us to assume we understand or even KNOW people when most likely we don't know many of the hard times they have been through in their life.

As in the song, we can spend time "trying to figure why the world is so cold," but even then, we can still be left in a life where we're "forced to think that hell is a place called home..."

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