Monday, November 26, 2007

Going CrAzY!!!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure my last post had many people thinking, "What the heck!?!" And I can confidently say it DID have a purpose; however, (don't kill me) I am not going to end up using the information from it afterall (well, at least not this year...HA!).

Now, I'm fully aware that this makes NO sense to any of you, BUT I might explain the reasoning behind why I was needing to know what the most commonly thought of seasonings were, but right now I can't. What I do need now is some more of your help...

Envision yourself going crazy! What do you look like? Or if it's not you, imagine you're looking at someone else and they've gone crazy.

IMPORTANT: "crazy" can be any interpretation of the word. Someone can be severely mentally ill and they are often thought of as "crazy". Or an individual's children might drive him/her "crazy." We might be highly stressed out and busy and we feel we're going "crazy."

Taking ALL/ANY of these situations into consideration, what would that "crazy" person look like? Let's say you had to partray yourself as "crazy"--how would you "dress-up?"

(1) put on a straight jacket

(2) have your hair all messed up and be pulling out your hair

(3) have multiple alcohol bottles within arms reach

(4) ????

[Be creative people...I know you are!]


kilax said...

To look crazy, you would have to be all disheveled. And it would help if you had about 10 pet cats!

Jennifer T. said...

I think alot of people can be crazy without looking it, and alot of people can look crazy without being it. In fact, I feel a little crazy right now, but no one would ever know it.

Melody said...

Ok, when you said "crazy," I immediately thought of my mom :) I'm not kidding...

belinda said...

two visions:

1. as a friend of mine often says, "running screaming naked down the hall."

2. to make a "statement" with my then teenage daughter, I painted lipstick all over my face. It was very theraputic.