Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hard to Swallow

I think one of the hardest feelings for me to deal with is when I go from where I used to feel I had someone I could talk to at anytime about anything and felt secure in that, to going to where I feel there isn't anyone I feel that way about.

That's hard to swallow.

While I still feel like I have someone I could go to and tell them anything, I don't feel that sense of convenience with that person. The feeling of you can always get a hold of that person whenever you might need them and that you don't feel like a burden by calling them. Instead you worry about inconveniencing the person. Sure if you can happen upon a time when the person initiates communication with you, you feel secure in opening up and talking with that person, but otherwise, you get bogged down in the thought of not wanting to bother the person.

It's almost like a sense of loneliness without the absence of people.

It kinda makes one want to start a diary...

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kilax said...

Or how about when they are there and you are talking to them... but you can tell their mind isn't there?

This is one of the reasons I love to keep a blog - I can let it all out - without interruption, and I don't have to worry about whether or not I am inconveniencing anyone :)