Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thought Trigger-er

Apparently there's been an email-forward circulating about this picture. So as with any potential-rumor-starting-email, I've learned my lesson and I'm always quick to navigate over to my buddies at and check into the authenticity of the "story" being told. So with this forward, I'd like to make the Snopes explanation on this picture the Thought Trigger-er for today. Snopes finds the "story" that is circulating with this picture to be true and so now I just put it up for your thoughts and opinions.


kilax said...

There has got to be some explanation for this! Of course, a fuss will be continued to be made over it ;)

bpb said...

I no longer put my hand on my chest either for the National Anthem or pledge of alligence. As a matter of fact, I can't even say the pledge of alligence any more - I'm just so disappointed in our leadership.

Mrs. Wideman said...

Maybe he was leading the song or pledge! :D