Thursday, November 24, 2005

100 Things About Me (the remix)

Okay, so this “List 100 Things” about yourself thingy that is coming back around again in the blogging community. Yeah, I’ve already done it twice: here and here. And while I have NO FEAR in sharing 100 more things about myself, I thought it would be interesting to take the 4 people I know that just recently did this activity and see how many of the 100 things they posted I can say about myself. Sooo…how alike (in a sense, based on the random things that happened to come to their minds while they initially filled it out) am I too these friends! ;)

NOTE: Most of the things I kept word for word off their blogs. Only a couple things did I take off an ending or something that wasn’t too crucial.

Janaye (15 things in common)
If I were a boy I would so play football! Football is my absolute favorite sport!!
I was a psychology major my freshman year
I pretty much love every type of music there is!
I have never used any illegal drugs
I have never been a smoker
I'm single...
I love math!
I am the biggest procrastinator
I used to collect comic books
I'm afraid of heights
I am and always will be Michael Jackson's #1 fan
I want to get married one day
I hate dressing up
I love you!
I miss you ;)

Lindsay (16 things in common)
Being liked is VERY important to me.
If I like you then I like you... if you drive me insane I will tell you.
I love to be complimented.
If you compliment me, you are usually on my good side.
I have never used any illegal drugs
I'm single…
Rodents scare me a lot.
I am the biggest procrastinator
I hate to dress up.
I despise users... a lot.
I accept people who are different from me... but not people who pretend to be something that they are not.
Naye means a lot to me... a whole lot.
I love popcorn.
I think that the best way to be a friend is to love someone.
I love to laugh
I love things that smell good
I love you guys

JWalk (9 things in common)
I want to work for a magazine.
I tuck my pajama pants into my socks in the winter.
Sometimes I can't shut up and sometimes I can't say a word.
I've also never read To Kill a Mockingbird.
I'm really good at Dance Dance Revolution.
I use my right hand to do everything because I'm right handed.
If you want to make my day, send me an email (or flowers) for no particular reason.
I've never seen the "Lord of the Rings" movies.
I've only been on two airplane trips.

Julie (11 things in common)
I hate school.
But I love learning.
I hate the division that political parties have caused.
I plan to have laser eye surgery within the next five years.
I don’t sleep well.
When I grow up, I want to have at least 6 different careers… therapist, author, professor, editorial journalist (is that what they are called?!), public speaker, mom.
I’ve only broken one bone in my lifetime – my collarbone when I was two (actually on my second birthday to be exact!).
I think it’s fascinating to look at maps.
I enjoy having deep conversations with people, because I almost always come out with a different, more developed opinion of the subject.
I’m inspired by people who do good things and know they won’t be recognized for it.
I like to drive with my windows down.

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Jennifer said...

Cool idea, Kim. Then again, you always have been the coolest. :)