Thursday, November 03, 2005

Now THAT was a Day!

This is my 30 second version of my day today....

Note: I do not consider this a "bad" day, I have no complaints, it didn't bother me one bit, but it DID make for a crazy and wear-you-out type of day!

Schizophrenic client who had to remove herself from computer class for a minute so she could go into the bathroom and straighten out her brain issues...

Another schizophrenic client who told me about his dream he had that I was in and it was like the movie Castaway and he was Tom Hanks and I was wilson, though I wasn't a volleyball and though we didn't get off the island in the dream, we did end up sleeping together in the hut he had built us on the island. Then he proceeded to ask me to stay a night with him because he gets lonely (like for real, no dream here), even offered to get a hotel room, and then when I declined on both he proceeded to ask me out for pizza. Then it was time to tell me about his 10 year career as a porn star, which led to him getting within a foot of my face so he could share the hush-hush details since you know working in the porn industry isn't exacly legal, so this situation had him with inches of kissing me on a couple times (and yes, you can tell when a guy is trying to move in for that "move")...

And finally, seeing a 41 year old man break down in tears because he hasn't seen his three young children in over a month because his wife ran off with them.

Now THAT is a day, my friends!

And honestly, I love my internship! I really do! The homeless population is SO much fun to work with!

One of my FAVORITE parts of my day...getting to sit by my favorite client during our women's group and reading what she wrote in my "Blessings book" today to me! This woman just amazes me!

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