Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Anyone Else Interested?

So I have one more individual who volunteered "back in the day" to be a part of the "blog experiment" that I was calling it then, though it is now known as my Monday's Paint a Picture blog series. That one remaining person will be honored next Monday, but should this series continue, I'll need more individual's who would like to be a part of it for the Mondays after next week.

Now I can't speak for any of the ladies who have already been a part of this series, but I would venture to say that from the feedback I've gotten from a many of the individuals who have been honored thus far, that it has meant a lot to them, a few I have been told it even brought tears (which is a cool thing if you ask me!).

I can tell you this much from my end of things:
--I've enjoyed doing my end of the series. I enjoy the love of expressing why I admire these friends of mine so much, as well as the challenge of expressing my love for them in words that shows why they are such cool people to me!
--I've also enjoyed the opportunity to share what amazing people I know with some of y'all who might not know them. That in its self is cool! Especially if you're anything like me and you enjoy meeting new people (or just hearing about cool people I suppose! HA!)

I can tell you it will take this much from you:
--You'll have to send a email out. That will be your end of the bargain. Should you be lucky enough, you might get to send out one or more other emails, but those I can't tell you for sure.
--That's pretty much it from your end. Send out one email (maybe two or three, POSSIBLY), and then just sit back and wait for your day to be honored! It's that simple my friends! HA! ;)

I do have to remind everyone that unfortunately this blog series IS limited to those readers who I know. Maybe I'll work on my next blog series for those readers I have yet to officially meet! ;)

Should you be interested in taking part in this blog series, leave me a reply to this entry. HOPEFULLY I'll have your email address, so then I can proceed with your end of the bargain that way.


Holly said...

I'll do it.

Becky said...

I'll Do It Too!

sHaMrOcK said...

sign me up...