Monday, January 23, 2006

What I learned tonight from a boy situation...

...that I'm bipolar.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that is bad, but I just didn't know I could change emotions and states of being so quickly until tonight!

Let me explain...

So I wasn't aware that I had a guy situation to deal with until I got a phone call when I got home today from a friend of mine. And while I'm not going to explain the guy situation right now, I will say I wanted to some opinions on the matter from some friends, because I sure don't know anything about guys...HA!

So I ended up talking to SEVERAL friends online tonight...many of whom just happened to IM me and my situation came up...

I found that I was cracking up talking about it with some friends, while at the same time I would switch over to IM a different friend only to find myself getting depressed and frustrated thinking about it. Interestin' huh? HA!

It was so weird though how it would come over me. I'm not kidding...there were SEVERAL times tonight I was laughing so loudly I kept getting looks from my family. And then I would get into another conversation about it and find myself feeling so ugly and hating the thought of guys...HA!

Basically what I tied it down to tonight is that I hate talking about my hair and clothes. I mean I pretty much hate talking about dating period, but i hate having to think about dressing up and doing something about my hair.

Even if I don't like the thought of dates all that much, I don't mind talking about it, but when we had gotten to the part of talking about clothes and hair I lost it emotionally...not crying, but I just couldn't do it. For once i had to ask someone to change the subject when I was chatting online. I honestly don't think I've ever had to do that, though I get it from folks a lot...HA!

And while I hated having to say it, I just didn't want to talk about it.

Anyways, luckily someone else had IMed me then and I ended up laughing again with them, so quickly my emotions were changing again.

So I still don't know what to do about this guy situation. Honestly, I'd like to ignore it and imagine none of it is going on, but I'm sure the person that instigated it will see to it that that doesn't happen...HA! Why do some of my friends have to be so adament about hooking me up with people...HA!

So, I want to end with some of the funny and some just plain interesting tidbits from several of my different IM conversations tonight...

Me: making decisions about what to do about going out with some dude my friend is trying to set me up with.
Friend #1: well is he smart? he's gotta be smart, you'll be bored

[I thought that was so funny that that was the FIRST thing out of her when I brought up that I was having a guy situation...HA! I don't know what that means that she would say that, and so quickly, but I find it funny!]

Me: i'm being told i'm in the prime age for sex right now. that is what the other person i'm IMing with is telling me. HA HA!
Friend #2: Wow... i thought a woman was at her sexual prime at the age of 35 and a boy at 18

Friend #2: i'm sorry...but you will NEVER find a friend as cool as me ;)

Friend #1: if it's your first time, it could be the smallest ever, and you would think it's huge...unless you use toys....lets not go there
[I wont' go into details about that one...HA HA! And no, we didn't go 'there' and no, I don't use toys, incase you were wondering...HA!]

Me (to Friend #1): yeah...lately i've thought....i need to just be more of a whore
[HA HA!]

Friend #1: i want you to be happy
Me: but i am happy...most of the time
Friend #1: good, that's all that matters
Friend #1: one last piece of advice...don't go looking for him.... he'll find you when you least expect it
Me: and THAT is what i live my life as each day
Friend #1: he won't show up with a ribbon tied around his neck, but he will become routinely involved in your everyday life, more than likely

Me: guys are too easily judgemental on looks i think
Friend #3: as a guy, i know looks can be important to a lot of people, but i wouldn't say it's something 'all' guys share

Friend #3: so what do you think you're going to do?
Me: honestly...i don't know...HA...I'm just enjoying making this blog! Although i don't feel like it is my typical "blog quality" i don't know if i'm going to like it once i get done, but part of me doesn't care...HA!
Friend #3: you know you're a serious blogger when you care about the 'quality' ;)

Friend #4: any other big life decisions you need to make?
Me: Actually..yes...
Friend #4: Okay, well here's my advice: no perms, ever. No boys who wear polka dots. Daily showers.
Me: HA HA...YES...I'm good to go now! ;)
Friend #4: As you can tell, I'm still searching for a successful life formula...not quite there yet, lol

Friend #4: if you're ever feeling bad about your dating life, I'll tell you some of my'll feel better fast.

These conversations were all very interesting and some quite hilarous, but this last piece was probably my favorite laugh of the night...

Friend #4: You never know, he could turn out to have really big private parts, lol!
[HA! THat was in reference to how I made a joke earlier in the conversation about private parts...HA! But since this is my blog I get to put whatever parts of the conversation I went in here...HA!]

I love my friends! There's nothing more fun than a night of chatting it up with old buddies! Matter of fact, most of these people are peole I haven't talked to in a while, and the most recently time I've seen any of them was back around Homecoming I think for Friend #2...the others longer. HA! Good friends though who are there for me to bounce ideas off and get advice from! Thanks!


Mark E. Lopez said...

Awww, polka dots have their time and place!

julesforstenholm said...

So, I don't know if Friend #4 might have been JME, but she certainly has some funny stories about dating! Ask her! She will tell you how she turned 3 of her exes on to the "other" team (that's a play off of a Seinfeld episode... not me being judgmental!)! And, I recently found out that I've done that to one of my ex-boyfriends! I can't make fun of JME anymore! Haha!

Boys are crazy, hard to understand, weird, way too concerned about physical appearance, frustrating... I can't live with 'em, but I certainly can't live without 'em! Oh, I can't live without 'em! What's wrong with me? ;)

FeedingYourMind said...

Julie: No, Friend #4 was not JME, but that's funny to me that you thought it was...HA! I could see how the comments could come off as sounding like her...HA!

As for her stories...yeah, I think I've gotten the jist of those stories from her before. However I would tell you careful how you say it...I don't agree with the "I've done that to..." part! If further clarification is needed...just ask me! ;)

And as for you not being able to "live without 'em!"....I don't think I've ever thought of you as one the girls that "always has to have a boy in her life."

A. Lo said...

I have to debate the fact that anyone has ever "turned anyone else" gay. I don't think that's possible, unless you're considering some form of the nature/nurture debate.

I think it's much more possible that you dated someone who was leaning that way, or was trying desperately to fit into society's norms. But I don't think you get credit for turning them gay, sorry.

You do, however, get credit for dating someone who later turned out to be gay, and it is acceptable to add that to your "bad dating stories" list. I think you even get extra points.