Thursday, January 05, 2006

What Does This Mean...

This might sound like a weird question...almost like asking you to define the word "define," but I want as many interpretations of this phrase as possible. I'm curious what people believe it to mean...

"A person who doesn't feel other people's pain."

It this helps you to understand better what I'm asking for, not only tell me what you think that kind of a person is like, like describing them to me, but give me an example of a person not feeling someone else's pain. Like how might they behave.

Also, is it referencing sympathy? Empathy? Neither? Either? [these are some thoughts to consider answering also in your response]

Please respond under the impression that what it means to you, does not have to be what it means to someone else. Think about it....respond without reading other's responses first. I don't want any "I agree with _____'s comment. That's what it means." ;) Write what you think it means and if your comment is identical to someone else's more power to the two of y'all. ;)

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