Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Company vs. The Event

I'll go with the company anytime!

I truly believe it is the company, rather than the actual event, that makes the memories!

Some of my most fond memories were spent with close friends when we had nothing "spectacular" planned. It was the company we were in with one another that made the time special. A lot of the time we just sat around and talked, whether at one of our houses, on a balcony, a back porch, in a parking lot, at a restaurant, in a car, etc. We didn't have to spend big dollars or go to some extravagent event in order to make that memory.

My original plans for this quickly approaching final spring break for me, was to take a road trip to Chicago with a few friends. One of my best friends and I planned it and even got tour guide books sent to us for the cities we planned to drive through. We had made out an itenarary (i think that would be what you would have called it) and figured out approximate tanks of gas based on distance. We were really getting set!

Then I had to back out...

Then my buddy ended up having to back out too...

[Good thing we hadn't invited but one other person at that point...HA!]

So now, I find myself a matter of days away from my final spring break and though I won't be leaving Texas, I couldn't be more excited!

I'm looking forward to hanging out with some WONDERFUL people. People I admire and people that I have no fear that we will have a good time, fire or no fire.

Though this won't be a week's worth of traveling, it will be a time to laugh, joke, talk, listen, and marvel at how we are all really growing up. And let's face it, probably grimace at the fact that we are all getting old and can't run and catch a ball as well as we used too...HA!

I'm going camping and I can't WAIT!

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