Thursday, September 14, 2006

The 3 Most Difficult Things to Say...

I got this in an email and I found it rather interesting to think about. So I thought I would share it and get your thoughts and opinions.

The three most difficult things to say are:
1.) I love you
2.) I'm sorry
3.) Help me

Do you agree? Disagree? What do you think?


Holly said...

It depends on the relationship the person has with the specific person they are saying those things to. I think another difficult one is, "I have diarrhea". Kind of on the immature side, but true.

Ellison said...

Um, I totally agree with all three. They're all hard for me to say.

Katey said...

I think sometimes saying I love you isn't hard. But really meaning it might be hard. The other two- um yeah, some of the hardest things to say ever! And I didn't get to comment on your last post Kim, but you made me smile so much when I read that. It's good to hear your friends loving life! Hope I get to see you in a few weeks!

ACU35 said...

Out of all three things, number one is probably the hardest for me to say. All three are hard to say though.

FeedingYourMind said...

You know, I would have to agree that these three are some of the most difficult things to say.

The more I thought about it, the one I would also add to the list is "I'm wrong" or "I was wrong." In a way I guess that could be tied into "I'm sorry," but not always. Plus, "I'm sorry," is not always admitting being wrong. However, the "I'm sorry" this is referring to probably is when one is feeling wrongful.

For example, saying "I'm sorry" in reference to situations that aren't related to being wrong typically are not that difficult. To tell someone "I'm sorry" because a friend died, or "I'm sorry" because they had a crappy day, or things of this nature--not to difficult. It is when we have to say "I'm sorry" on behalf of our own behaviors that we struggle (or so it seems to me).

And then, of course, being wrong does not always put one in a position where saying "I'm sorry" is necessary. For example, answering a question in class and having an incorrect response would make one "wrong" but not necessarily in a position to have to apologize. But being able to admit that their response was "wrong" is where the difficultly might come in.

Admitting I was wrong is so difficult for me. Be it a pride issue; be it a narcissistic characteristic--I don't know, but whatever the case, it is really difficult for me.

Asking for help--also another struggle. I thrive on my sense of competence. Though I realize I might not be able to do something or know something right-off-the-bat, I am more likely to stick to it until I figure it out on my own then to look for help. Pride again? Maybe.

Saying "I love you" is still a struggle for me, though I will admit this is the one of the three I am getting a LOT better at. I actually just told a friend last night on the phone "I love you" and then with this blog entry in my mind I followed it with, "you are one of my few friends I am completely comfortable saying that too, and that's probably just because of how you are...HA!"

It's funny because though I am real close with that friend, we are not the CLOSEST out of my friends, but even those that I'm closer with, I struggle more to tell them "I love you."

It's interesting to think about.

And yes. I would have to agree with holly that saying "I have diarrhea" is a difficult one to admit.

Anonymous said...

well, it depend... if you don't really love the person. it's really very hard to say...

Anonymous said...

I think it's four most difficult things to say... If you add "I forgive you" to the list.