Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Monday! YOU Do the Math!

I found this interesting...

The Top 10 Biggest Colleges:
(based on their 2004 enrollments)

10. University of Central Florida -- 42,465
9. Texas A&M -- 44,435
8. Michigan State University -- 44,836
7. University of Florida -- 47,993
6. Arizona State University, Tempe Campus -- 49,171
5. University of Texas at Austin -- 50,377
4. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities -- 50,954
3. Ohio State University, Main Campus -- 50,995
2. Miami Dade College -- 57,026
1. University of Phoenix, Online Campus -- 115,794

[the above states came from here]

Here are some of my thoughts when reflecting on the above...
--this is why Texans are SOOO obsessed with college sports. With those two schools alone they practically have more college students than the population of a lot of other states! ;) No, honestly though, I have never been that into college sports (prefer the pros), and I find alot of my friends down here are, so I think it honestly is a cultural thing.
--OH! So those BILLIONS of pop-up ads, spam emails, banner advertisements that the University of Phoenix (online campus, of course) puts out really DO pay off! People really DO read those and take action. Wow. I just though they were purposed to slow down web surfing! ;)
--who the heck is "Miami Dade college?" Is that the Hurricanes? I think it is that "Dade" that is throwing me off. You Daders out there help me out! ;) Isn't there some rule that if you are going to have THAT many students you automatically become a "university" versus a "college"?!?! ;)


Ellison said...

Miami Dade are the Sharks and they don't even have a football program. It's called Miami Dade cause Miami is in Dade County, FL. The Hurricanes come from the University of Miami.

And yes, us Texans do love our sports, whether it's high school, college or pro...we're big supporters!

Katey said...

Wow- way to go Ellison. And Kim, the difference between College and University is usually based on age- not necessarily number. That, and the Board of Directors have to vote on it... so Miami Dade just may not have gotten around to it yet. But, that is a sizeable school!

FeedingYourMind said...

Katey: I had always heard in the past that the difference between a college and an university was that to be a university you had to offer post-graduate degrees (i.e. masters and/or doctorate). And actually, I could be incorrect about it being "and/or" because it might be that the school must offer at least one doctoral degree to be considered a university.

But then I'm sure "Boston College" probably offers doctoral degrees...

...but by your definition too, Boston College has plenty of "age" as well... who knows.