Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Simple LOVES!

So there are the "simple pleasures," but for me, when I'm happy, I'm HAPPY! And when I'm HAPPY....I'm in LOVE! Love with life!

Lately, I've been getting so happy over some of the littlest things in life, and I LOVE IT!

I just want to share a few of the simple LOVES of my life lately...
  1. Singing loudly in my car to music! I LOVE it! And I have a playlist on my iPod right now that i'm TOTALLY addicted too! And lately driving to school, which is a good 25 minute drive I have been singing like NONE OTHER! LOVE IT!
  2. The Dixie Chicks!!!! I freakin' LOVE their music! I'm sorry to those haters out there, but these ladies have some AMAZING talent and then fact that they write their songs makes me love them even more! FREAKING IN LOVE with them right now! LOVE IT!
  3. The thoughts of my love for the Dixie Chicks right now has me TOTALLY into the idea of getting a group of folks to go to their concert here on December 5th (yes, it is a weekday, but who cares...HA)! Just thinking about seeing them in concert makes me SO HAPPY! LOVE THEM! and LOVE IT!
  4. Eating different foods that I haven't had in a long time. I have been SOOO burnt out on the same ol' same ol' lately that nothing sounds good, so I've been thinking of things that I haven't had in a long time. This weekend I made BLT sandwiches...FREAKING LOVED IT! It was just SOOO refreshing! And so much healthier than the pizza most of the rest of the family ate (but my uncle, he ate BLTs with me and LOVED it and was so glad I thought of it! We are the two NON-picky eaters of the house and healthy-conscious ones, typically). LOVED IT!
  5. Seeing my fellow interns at my internship! These ladies are SOOO much fun! We all laugh SOOO much! The past week and a half I've had a low caseload so I've got to spend more time with the ladies...LOVE IT!
  6. Gas prices coming down! Come on...you KNOW you "LOVE IT" too! ;)
  7. Thinking about graduating! LOVING IT! The other intern that is graduating this semester with me...she is the best! She is SOOO on top of things with graduating and things. Anyways, she has me fired up about potential job options and looking for jobs and stuff. We chatted with one of our supervisors at our internship last week about potential jobs and it was GREAT! She is so going to help hook us up with several people she knows to help us get a counseling spot somewhere...LOVE IT!
  8. Thinking about having a career in something I love not too far off! LOVE IT!
  9. Thinking about not having homework not too far off! LOVE IT!
  10. Thinking about getting a place of my own not too far off! LOVE IT!
  11. Thinking about all the possibilities that stand before me! LOVE IT!
  12. Making new friends! Already made a really cool new friend that is in both of my classes this semester! Good times! LOVE IT!
  13. Talking on the phone with my best friends...LOVE IT!
  14. The new seasons of my shows FINALLY starting...House, Dancing with the Stars and Oprah (next week)...LOVE IT!
  15. Finding a couple more people that I'm friend with that do NOT have myspace pages! We are NOT among the 100 million who DO have myspace pages! Can you believe it?!?! 100 MILLION...crazy! You people! ;) Having more NON-myspacers...LOVE IT!
  16. Checking the Texas Lotto each Wed. and Sat. nights to see if I won the office lotto pot. I SOO wanna win...HA! LOVE IT!
  17. Emailing lately with some of my favorite folks from the church congregation I grew up at...LOVE IT!
  18. Blogging a lot more than I was in the summertime (because I have homework once again. Having homework = blogging! HA!) LOVE IT!
  19. Playing football with my cousins last weekend! I haven't gotten to play sports in a while and I've really missed it! But then the soreness the next few days also reminded me that it had been a while. That's okay because...I LOVE IT!
  20. Just thinking about how much I LOVE all the great friends that I have! I've been SOOOO blessed to keep in touch, and pretty good touch I think, with as many friends as I have from my undergraduate college years. Friends are one of the BEST things! AMAZING friends I have! I LOVE talking with them! GOOD people! LOVE IT and LOVE IT!


jules said...

you are blessed! i LOVE it! ;) and i LOVE to hear you so fired up about life and everything else! yay! it's an amazing ride, no? love it!

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enjoy your wednesday, my friend!

FeedingYourMind said...

...a comment from one who seems to be as fired up about life as ANYONE right now...

LOVE IT!! =)

ACU35 said...

Now that you are so fired up about life has gotten me all fired up. Didn't know you could transfer moods via the internet......that's talent right there Kim! Life is good thanks to those people in our lives that make it so good.

FeedingYourMind said...

Hearing and knowing that people I love and care about are happy, makes me happy!


Ellison said...

LOVE that you LOVE life! Such an encouraging entry. Great energy pal! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

FeedingYourMind said...

I'm so excited that this entry sent some positive vibes out to my friend who were reading! I can honestly say that when I wrote it, I was in SUCH a great mood! A natural high! High on life!


Getting to see my buddy Ellison this weekend...