Friday, January 26, 2007


Here is PATHETIC...

Okay, I am not embarrassed to admit the extent to my pathetic laziness on this issue: So, I have this "outfit," it is actually one of those dresses/suits that is like a dress that has a suit coat that goes over it that is basically all fancy/professional looking. Blah blah blah. Anyways, I got it to wear to my uncle and aunt's wedding. That was the first time and the last time I've worn it. Well, with it being the type of clothing it is (i.e. material-wise and a suit and all), it is one of those dry-clean only things.

[I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this...]

So, yes, I've been too lazy to ever take it to get cleaned and matter of fact, I have just left it wadded up in back of my closet on the floor ever since the wedding.

So, yes, putting off taking an outfit to the dry-cleaners for a little while is lazy. No doubt, but at what point does laziness become shearly pathetic?

Well, the exact point of that, I'm not sure. I guess that would have been at some point between now and when the wedding was. So when was that wedding you ask?

October 2, 2004!!


Talk about PATHETIC! HA! I wasn't kiddin' ya! Luckily, it doesn't smell. Well, actually, maybe if it hadn't I wouldn't have let it go this long, so maybe that would have been better because then I would have been more motivated to take it to the cleaners before I got to the point of being PATHETIC!


We all have our points of being pretty pathetic; many of which are brought about due to the status of being lazy. So when were you to the point of being "pathetic?" Let's all laugh with one another at our pathetic times! Maybe it's something you've currently got, such as my current state of pathetic-ness related to the UN-dry-cleaned laundry in my closest for nearly 2.5 years! HA! Or maybe it was something you did in the past that you were to the point of being pretty pathetic.

Has anyone been as "PATHETIC" as me? Come on...think of your laziest times.

Maybe it was that time when you couldn't find the remote control and since you were being lazy and didn't want to get up, you just threw something at the television, hoping to hit the channel button, but missed and broke the lamp nearby instead?! HA! Don't act like you've never done that! ;)

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