Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A State of Thoughts Following the Address...

I went ahead and watched the State of the Union Address this evening even though when I heard it was on tonight I had about as much interest in watching it as I have in seeing Dreamgirls. Oh well. Here were my thoughts...

  • Did anybody else notice that it seemed like President Bush had to help "Madam Speaker" along with what to do. Like how he asked her if she was ready to get this thing starting [Hinting to her to start the show with her introduction of him]. Then, after he said that to her, she seemed like she wasn't sure what to do to get the audience quieted. She seemed to be uncertian of her task [I bet Cheney had to point to the gavel for her to jog her memory]...HA!
  • When watching the two individuals having to sit behind the President (yes, I know who they are: the Vice President and the Speaker of the House), I always try to decipher their state of nerves. Cheney likes to shift his weight a lot, but he seems fairly calm. "Madam Speaker" on the other hand. I kept thinking she was going to puke. I probably would if I knew MILLIONS of people were staring at me for 45 minutes! Plus, I think she was worried she might not know when to stand-up or not! HA!
  • Condoleezza always looks like she is ready to beat the crap out of someone!
  • So was Obama sitting in front of Hillary supposed to be a prediction? I mean I suppose it's most likley "assigned" seating, but still, was it like a fore-telling? Mainly, my curiosity lies in the thoughts of whether this country is more ready for a female president or a non-white president? Or, are we "ready" for either yet?
  • I think that Secretary of Homeland Security fella is worn-out. He looked like death! I suppose if his appearance is in any way related to the long hours and efforts he has put into his job position I'd say, "bring it on, Osama!" HA!
  • When the "brother" that threw himself on top of the civilian who had fallen on the train tracks to save him was being honored, I so thought the chamber was going to burst out into chanting his name. I mean he sure was throwing out the love to them!
  • Does Dick Cheney smile?
  • I thought it was nice camera work when they aired the shot of the young soldier sitting in the audience who had apparently lost his eye, while President Bush continued to talk about the importance of not giving up on the Iraq efforts!
  • Each time I've watched this State of the Union all the way through (which is basically only a couple times...HA!) my favorite camera shots are the ones when John Kerry is show standing and applauding the President. HA!
  • Why is it that we have some of the most goofiest looking people as the leaders of our country!? [Cheney and McCain, just to name two] HA! Maybe it's because many of them are so old. Hey, let's face it, we all get goofier looking the older we get!
  • Speaking of old, I watch this thing and can't help but think to myself, "Goodness! That guy is STILL alive, much less he is STILL a senator/representative?!" I mean I admit, I have totally forgotten how many terms/years these people can be in office, but some of these fellows I look at there and see and I'm like, "I thought Senator Kennedy was senator 10 years ago?!?! And that Liebermann fella...SERIOUSLY!"
  • Whose bright idea was it to sit the Asian lady next to Dikembe Mutombo?!?!
  • And finally, a poor approval rating or not, "W" always makes me smile when he does that cute little grin and wink! HA!

[What should be your first "thought" following reading this passage: the author does not know the name of the current speaker of the house, thus she keeps using "Madam Speaker" (trying to be smooth) to refer to her. Correct! For the life of me I can't recall her name and I'm too lazy to look it up! HA!]

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