Sunday, March 11, 2007

"If Everyone Cared"

I love all types of music. I'll listen to just about anything. But typically my interest in musical lyrics comes from a more limited amount of music.

I can't say I have much interest in the lyrical make-up of many of the rap/R&B songs I listen too, as I don't find much interest in lyrics directly mostly toward the sexual nature that many songs are geared toward nowadays. Many times I'm not a huge fan of lyrics of what I like to think of as yelling-white-guy-rock-bands. Don't get me wrong, I usually still enjoy listening to those songs, but usually the yelling nature I feel they involve keeps me from truly "hearing" the lyrics and following them. So I still like Fallout Boy and Good Charlotte and The All American Rejects and so forth, and I'll listen to their songs that are played on the radio, and I'll even sing along to typically just the chorus part that I will end up learning, but that's about it.

But recently I've taken an interest in the lyrics of one of those "yelling-white-guy-rock-band" group's song lyrics.

The group is Nickelback and the song is their most recent radio hit--"If Everyone Cared."

I love the chorus of it which goes like this...

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

It had me thinking the other day as I was singing along: I wonder which of those would be the hardest to get to happen in our world today?

To get people to always "care"?

To never have to "cry" for the purpose of sad tears again?

To get people to always "love" everyone?

To get people to never "lie" again?

To get the world and all "share"?

To get people to always "swallow their pride"?

We all have struggles in most likely all of those areas. But which would be the toughest for you?

Maybe you struggle with lying. Maybe you find yourself sad a majority of the time and not crying is something can't see yourself going without. Of maybe selfishness has a hold on you and you struggle with sharing--giving of your time or sharing what you have with others or putting someone before yourself.

I'm pretty sure the toughest one for me would be to "swallow my pride." I've always been a prideful person; one that's confident in one's self and prides one's self in feeling she can usually rely on herself to get through things. To swallow my pride and ask for help or to admit I'm wrong--difficult tasks. But at the same time, I am learning to get better at these things. I think it comes with experiences we are faced with in life. As I'm getting older and learning more and more about REAL LIFE day after day, I'm working on "swallowing pride" and being content with that.

I think it would make for a more interesting world "If Everyone Cared" more...

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