Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Would You Rather

Acceptance and being loved are so important in life. I was just thinking last night about how important feeling like I'm accepted and that people really do love me for who I am truly is to me. We all need it.

Would you rather be told "I love you"


Would you rather be shown that he/she loves you?

Some of us find the demonstration as "good enough" or it is satisfying for our need, but some of us perfer to hear the words. It is almost as if we can't fully satisfy the need until we hear the three words.

Maybe it's a spouse, a significant other, a family member, or a close friend. Whoever they may be, how would you rather the acceptance and love be expressed to you?


ACU35 said...

I would rather be shown the love. I feel it's not necessarily what you say but what you do to the people you love that counts. Those non-verbals and actions seem to weigh more than the verbals. I can't always remember what people say to me, but I always remember what they do. If someone uses the verbal and backs it up by the nonverbals then all the better!

FeedingYourMind said...

ACU35: I think you bring up good points. But allow me to press your opinions again...

What about how actions are given up to one's own interpretations?

One person might feel what they are doing is showing that they "love you," but another might not see it that way. Married couples going through difficult times run into this problem often:

"I just don't feel like you love me anymore. You never say it."

"How can you say that? If I didn't love you why would I stick around and pay the bills as I do!? Why would I ______?! Do you not see that as love?!"

Sometimes what one person feels is them showing love, is not other the other person interprets it. Or maybe it is not satisfying their need for love in an action form.

Granted, I'm fully aware that telling someone "I love you" doesn't necessarily fulfill the need either. Often times the "I love you's" can get so routine that they can easily be questioned for their genuiness.

It's just a tough one. Trying to get others to satisfy our needs.

The Price Family said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog.

I have to say that being shown the love someone feels for you is more improtant that the words. I know that saying "I love you" can become a habit, but actions are more heartfelt and sincere.

Great blog, I stop by often!!!

Melody said...

Thanks yo...that dang dress was taking up too much room in my freakin closet! It would have just collected dust for the rest of my life :)