Friday, March 23, 2007


Somehow I got signed up for these daily emails called "Lifescript." I've still yet to figure out if something I signed up for gave this website my email address, or if someone else signed me up, but all I know is one day back in probably October of last year I just started getting these emails. I haven't unsubscribed from it though because they usually have some interesting reads in them. Each time there is a "feature" article (which is typically a longer read) and then there is a recipe and then two more shorter articles (which are each usually geared toward recent research findings. The whole email is related to health. Either physical health, mental health, social health, etc. I enjoy the variety of reads it supplies, so as I'm going through a few of my "backed-up" issues today, I'm going to post a few articles here that I found to be interesting and you can click on any that seem to intrigue you:

Heavy Men May Be Less Apt to Commit Suicide

Obese Couples Have a Tougher Time Having Babies

Beach in a Bottle: We Test 5 Bronzers

The Skinny on Alcohol: Not All Drinks are Created Equal

Eating Disorders Experts Prescribes New Pursuits

Can You Be Single and Happy

Second-Hand Smoke Riskier for Black Children: Study

Whole-Fat Milk Products May Help Women Conceive

Period Pain? Ibuprofen (Advil) Better Than Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Drug Wins Approval

Altruists Have Different Brains

Big Purses Put Strain on Women's Health

Being Blue Hurts the Heart

Inspirations for the Dieter's Soul

Cigarettes Packing More Nicotine

Low Education Raises Women's Stroke Risk

Nicotine Hand Gel Hits Stores

Pet Owners Tend to Be Fatter

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