Thursday, April 12, 2007

If You Disappeared...

I started watching Grey's Anatomy tonight at 8:47 PM (meaning I only watched the last 13 minutes of it, and about 5 of those were a commercial break). And in that time I was inspired to write this blog...

If you were to disappear for a week, who would notice?

I mean think about it. No phone. No internet connection. You just didn't contact anyone.

Do you have people that would come looking for you? Would anyone even notice you were gone?

Sure if you're married your spouse would probably notice, but would anyone outside that relationship notice? What about for single people. Would your family know you were "gone?" Do you keep in contact with some of your family on at least a weekly basis? Maybe a best friend?

I can honestly say a few of the people I consider to be best friends wouldn't know I was gone; however, I can say some of my other best friends would notice.

I think those that would notice you were gone over a week's amount of time are obviously important people in your life.

Sure, a boss would probably look for you if you were supposed to be at work, but that's not the kind of "coming to look for you" that I'm referring too. That bosses reasoning for wanting to know where you are is different from why a loved one might come looking.

So do you have people who literally "look after you?" People who are "checking up on you?" People who would know if you had "disappeared?"

I do. And I'm so thankful for that!

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Julie said...

i like this post. right now, i can think of 4 people who would notice if i went missing within 12-15 hours... and it's only that long because of sleep time. i must confess, though, that 3 of those people are in school with me. we see each other everyday. we talk on the phone when we're not at school. we're together very often.

my sister, however... the 4th person, doesn't live in the same town and doesn't see me that often. but, we call each other AT LEAST once a day. for real. crazy, i know.

my parents would know within 2-3 days. that's about how long it is between our conversations - usually not any longer than a week.

after election day of 2004, i was exhausted, sad, tired, etc... so, i didn't go to school that week and i didn't answer any phone calls. i was shocked when my mom called me on thursday afternoon (election day was on tuesday) to find out if i was okay. apparently, my friend in the mpa program (who i'd only known for about 3 months) was so worried about me that she looked up my parents' phone number and called to ask them if i was okay and if they'd heard from me.

i was a little freaked out at first, but then realized what a nice thing she'd done. she's still a good friend...

anyway, long comment. sorry. it's a good blog thought.