Friday, April 27, 2007

Life Lessons

I found myself reconnecting with a friend from the past last night. Thank goodness for avenues such as facebook, myspace,, and the good ol' internet search engines! The internet is QUITE an amazing tool.

So as the friend and I were reminiscing about our past times together we began mentioning how our lives have taken shape since we had grown apart. It was then that my friend spoke of some of the life lessons she had recently learned.

I think we are both in a crucial time in our life for "life lessons." Isn't that what your 20s is about?!

So as I was responding back to her comment concerning life lessons, I quickly rattled off a short paragraph with the lessons that have flooded me over the past few years. Here is how I described my most recent life lessons:

As for the "life lessons" aren't kidding! I've learned so many things about life and myself over the past couple years. One of the greatest has been how I've learned how amazing best friends can be. I have to admit I made some of the best friendships while at ACU, and I'm so blessed to have so many of those friendships in my life still. But besides that, I've learned so much about the responsibilites of being an adult and how crappy being an adult can be at times. HA! I've gone through the lows and the highs. I've learned that my shit DOES stink, no matter how many times I might have thought otherwise in the past. I've learned everyone gets depressed from time to time, and that having someone you can talk to and trust is more valuable than gold during those times. Gosh, I've learned so much.

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