Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What a 3-year Old is Going to Do to Julie Since She Doesn't Blog Anymore...

Okay, first, I must give credit where credit is due...

I first saw this clip from a link on my buddy Julie's profile; HOWEVER, since SOMEONE refuses to blog anymore, I figured I'd have to make efforts of getting this out to the world via blogger... [glad I could help you out Julie...HA!]

I then got it emailed to me from an extented relative of mine today.

So all this to say: this clip is making it's rounds. None the less, I wanted to share it here because it cracks me up! HA!

Now, I must admit, I do not encourage teaching 3-year old children to say "dirty words", but if they do happen to pick them up, it can be funny as all get out...HA!

Plus, the kid is really cute, even at the end when it seems her eyes get a (maybe SHE is the monster...HA!)

P.S. does it drive anyone else nuts when you watch the clip and see that surprise is not spelled correctly?!?! HA!

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