Sunday, June 17, 2007

Amidst the deadlines. Amidst the hard times. Amidst the stresses. Amidst the uncertainity. Some where, at some point, we can get a moment of bliss. The point in which love evokes a smile upon one's face. A rushing of thoughts of love for life. A sense of shear inspiration to live on. A desire to give forth. A yearning to share the feeling with others...

Man, these are the moments! These are the points when, no matter how short-lived the moment may be, you feel like life is just soo good!

I guess it's a unique experience for each of us. We each would find different thoughts crossing our mind when in the moment. But still, it's a feeling for most that's more powerful than any other. The feeling of love and inspiration based on the satisfaction of life.

For me people cross my mind. Not people in general, but people by name. People who I feel I owe some of that moment too. People who I feel impressed upon me a feeling of inspiration. People who I feel no about those types of moments and I feel they too know how to live through the inspirations.

By no means do I feel I know how to completely direct such a power, such a force, but still I'm learning with each experience the importance of taking a part of it with me and trying to carry it through.

Another deadline will come. The hard times rarely subside upon request. The stressors continue by means of different forms. And still upon discovered clarities, more uncertainities arise. BUT...

...but if we can overcome the fears of judgements. If we can move past our thoughts concerning approval, we can live more freely in the moments and take part more in the inspirations for which they supply.

What a sense of courage it can take to hug the person you fear hugging the most. What a sense of graditude it can take to bring one's self to say "I love you." What a sense of the love for life it can take to live life outside our fears.

Be inspired. Forget judgements. Be grateful. Deny fears. And share the love.

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