Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thoughts and Feelings

Just some thoughts...
  • Have you ever revisited a scary feeling or thought from the past and realized how just thinking about it again makes your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat?
  • What about the feeling of finally knowing that things are going to be okay after you had worried so much that they weren't?
  • Or, what about the feeling of being able to breathe again after you did what you knew you needed to do, though you were leery about being able to go through with it in the first place?

It's amazing the feelings we can experience!

  • You know what's another funny feeling type situation? That one where you're talking to someone who knows you real well. A best friend or a close family member and maybe you're joking around about something and then that person calls you on your behavior before you even do it! Like, if it had been anyone else, you'd be like, "whatever, I won't do that" or "don't act like you know me." But since it isn't just anyone all you can do is let the smile emerge and accept the fact that they know you better than anyone else! Don't even try to get frustrated that they called you on it either, because you know they could do it again if they wanted...HA! [Note: It really is funny how well some of our closest friends can get to know us and how we react in situations]
  • What about those moments when you find yourself hesitating about being completely honest with a close friend about something that has bothered you concerning him/her? So after much agonizing contemplation and you decide to go forth with sharing your concerns there's those two moments in which one can hardly explain the feelings. First, there's that moment of when you've just finished sharing your concern and for a matter of maybe only a second you find yourself feeling in complete utter anticipation of the unknown--how will they respond? Was this is a mistake in the first place to be so completely honest? Should you have just left it at having felt bothered and that was it? Then when you get the response (that only a loving close friend can seem to give), and you find that they have accepted your willingness to be completely honest and open in the friendship, above and beyond their desires to become upset, you feel at that moment that you undoubtedly did the right thing. It's then that you realize what your friendship is truly made of!

Okay, just some thoughts and feelings that have crossed my mind due to recent occurences in my life. Let me just say that there is nothing quite like the feeling of having mended two important close friendships in one night! It's like feeling like you're a new woman! HA!

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