Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve

On the eve of what is apparently going to be as close of a battle at the polls as Sunday's Super Bowl game turned out to be, I thought I'd give some words of wisdom on a subject I love...


[PLEASE dig deep and find the sarcasm in that statement! Nonetheless...some words...]
  • I've become quite fond of the quote I found on the myspace page of an elementary school crush that I'm now stalking (HA!): "If you're not a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart; if you're not a conservative when you're 40, you have no brain!" The part I find most interesting about that quote has NOTHING to do with the political ramifications of "liberals vs. conservatives" but how true I think it is that the age/maturation/values of a person is very likely to influence their views as to "liberal vs. conservative". Yes, there I go pulling the psychology out of a subject meant to be focused on something totally different.
  • Following along with the above quote, this whole Obama vs. Clinton thing interests me only to the point that I feel I need to know who I will click in on my voting pad whenever that time comes; yet, word on the street is that Texas doesn't vote for like another month anyways, but still, I like to feel like I'm mainstream and that I need to know who I want to vote for BEFORE I hear the results of Super Tuesday. Yes, I think this is TOTALLY like how you are supposed to set your limits before going into a bar/casino/strip-club. Uh, I don't know where that last one came from...HA!
  • I have seen a lot of my friends are supporting Barak on their facebook accounts. Since I'm pretty lazy and actually don't really care a lot about politicians and what they "say" is how they stand on issues, I like to look at which of my friends are voting for who, and then I weigh who they are voting for on how smart I view that friend to be. Using that method I'm able to follow a point system and give each candidate a point total and decide who I should vote for. Makes total sense, huh? What a brilliant way to decide who to vote for. [Actually, I just made all that "process" up just now, but it sounds like it might be an idea to take into consideration for future elections...HA!]
  • Someone recently told me that Hillary just really seems to come off as a bitch. Hmm...I've never really looked at her that way. But the more I think about it, I really haven't taken much time to look at her either. Hmmm...
  • Barak comes off as an intelligent individual. I like intelligent people.
  • Part of me feels like I'm dising (how do you spell that word?!) my gender though if I don't support the lone female in the crowd. I feel like I need to vote for Hillary just because I feel a woman in such a high level of power could really make some change and turn around some messed up trends we have in this country. You know, big things like... Umm, the things that are coming to mind are obesity, and internet porn, and child molesters, and gas prices. Oh yes, gas prices....ridiculous!
  • I wish there was a way to do an experiment to know if Oprah endorsing Barak has totally influenced a LARGE number of women voting for him. I SOOOO want to know! What a weapon! His biggest competition is a woman....what better way to steal her highest potential of voters (women) from her than by getting possibly the #1 most influential icon for women to endorse him. Okay, so maybe he didn't have to try REAL hard to get Oprah, seeings how she absolutely LOVES the man, since he IS the senator for the state she films her show in, AND he is on her show freakin' all the time since she loves him. But whatever...
  • Then there's that race that's sexist going on that has all males in it. I can say I've followed it so closely that if you put a picture of Romney and one of Huckabee (that is their names, right?) in front of me and I wouldn't be able to tell you who is who...HA! I don't even know enough about these candidates or the republican race to even make a joke here...

Now I am beginning to feel like I'm just writing crap to be writing it. HA! Now that you are definately much more on track for which candidate would be the best use of your vote in the election, please DO go out and vote! I'm ALL about encouraging voting; I just could careless about most the stuff we have to vote about.

Wait, now that just came off in a manner of: I think you should vote just to vote and not make conscious choices when voting.

What I mean is...

Voting is something I believe in because I think it's important for individuals to have a say in their life and how it will be affected. Because of this, voting is your chance to give your opinion. What I don't really care about is all the crap that is involved in most all electoral issues/political leaders and their campaigns.


jules said...

you know, i don't think that "politics" comment was sarcastic at all. i think you secretly love politics and just don't want people to know it, because everyone thinks people who love politics are sleazy.

okay, umm... now to my real point. don't let the whole "not supporting my gender" thing get in the way of supporting the best candidate. maybe the best candidate is female, maybe not. just pick some issues that affect you or that seem important to you (health care, education!, iraq, the economy, etc...) and find out where the candidates stand. then, go for the one that you think will best run the country, according to you!

that's the great thing about america... it's up to each individual voter. and if you don't believe me, ask al gore.

but, i do recommend doing a little research first. maybe i've told you this before (it's become clear to me that i'm a story repeater), but one of my mpa professors, who should be advocating that everyone vote, made very clear that he does NOT want everyone to vote. the reasoning for that is that we have a large number of uneducated voters - people who don't take the time to find out where the candidates stand. they either vote according to their parents' beliefs or because of some longstanding belief that one party is better than another.

so, do a little research. you don't have to go too in depth. if you have reasons for voting for someone, i think you're educated about it, even if i don't agree with those reasons. anyway, do a little research and then vote.

be a part of a pretty cool democratic system.

btw, i like your "points" system about candidates, unless you don't give me a lot of credit in the smarts department. if that's the case, i don't like your system. ;)

jules said...

oh, and i meant to mention the quote from winston churchill, i believe. i love that quote! it's the excuse i give for believing how i believe. honestly. that guy was pretty smart.

belinda said...

Your blog is so difficult to read since you've changed the colors - I really have to strain to read. Maybe it's because I'm old (50 in May!)??

Hey, if you're voting democrat, it can't be all bad.

FeedingYourMind said...

Jules: You've given me too much to comment back on, but here goes...

1.) Uh, so are you "sleazy"? ;)
2.) As for me...I really can't stand any of the real GOVERNMENT part of laws and all that stuff--I have absolutely NO interest in it. Therefore, when policitians are working on what they are really supposed to be working on, and talking about the this and that of bills/laws/issues...I have NO interest. I know it's important, but not something I have interest in. The part I hate most about politics actually kind of ties into the one part I do like (weird I know). I hate how "fake" politicians are, ESPECIALLY during campaign seasons. They say whatever they need to say at whatever given moment to try to make everyone happy and to win votes; therefore, many times they are changing what they "say" they "believe in" from one day to the next. They never seem to stand firmly one way or another, because goodness knows if you pick one stance you're going to lose some other people's votes. I also can't stand how rude they get and the mean things they say to and about one another during campaigning. Get off trying to make the other "guy" look bad and focus on making yourself look good.

The weird thing about this is that though I think it's terrible that politicians do that ("that" being they lie -- switching beliefs to make people happy -- and they are mean -- saying mean things about people) at the same time it somewhat interests me to think about the psychology behind it all and think, "Wow, though so-and-so is a jerk for saying that and a liar too, it's interesting how he sees the behaviors as justifiable due to his specific cause."

3.) Overall, I basically hate politics, sorry. It's true. But I was thinking how I can't wait till you get involved with it because then I'll feel like it's me running since we think a lot alike on many things...HA! Then how could I NOT like it, because it's like I'm running for it! ;)

4.) Yeah, I know about the issues that are important to me thing, but my feelings behind the whole "not supporting my gender" thing probably wasn't very well explained. I think what I feel is that I think a woman really should get a shot at the presidency. I mean shoot, what more harm can a lady do to it than how it already is...HA! No, really though, so part of me is like, "well, Hilary isn't perfect, nor is any of the other candidates. But what other potential women do I see running in the near future? Uhh, I admit my knowledge on this subject is limited, but still, I don't see anyone else...POSSIBLE Condi?!?! I don't know." So if I want to see a woman get a shot at it, maybe this is the time, or it might be many years before there's another chance. Does that make anymore sense? I guess I just feel like I really would love to see what a woman could do in that position, and though Hilary might not be the woman I'd hand-select, she's my only choice as I see it for it happening anytime soon.

5.)yes, the "educated" part and what your professor said was what I was trying to get out in some form or fashion in those last two paragraphs of my post. I DO feel it's important to vote with some sense behind it all (don't just go hit a button and vote not knowing ANYTHING about the person).

6.) Trust me, you get PLENTY of "points" in my "smarts department" ;)

and finally...

7.) You're right. You don't use capital letters... ;)

FeedingYourMind said...

Belinda: Thank you for your comment. But maybe you can help me...

I'll be completely honest...I am in love with my new look of my blog (HA HA! And yes, you've been a reader long enough to know I can be quite full of myself at times...HA!) I guess it's really the monkey and the black background going with it that I love!

All that said, I do understand that I'm not the one reading the posts from that page. IF (and I stress IF) I read any of my posts after writing them, it's normally from the posting page, and not actually from the finished product website itself. With this being the case, I don't know how difficult my LONG posts get reading with the different color schemes. I wanna see what I can do to make it easier for you (and someone else had mentioned it was difficult to read back when I first switched it too, so I made a change of the text font color, but apparently it's still difficult).

I first want to see if there's something I can do to "fix" this without having to change the black background (as I mentioned being rather fond of it with the matching monkey picture...HA!). Are either of the blue fonts that are on the links on the sidebar an easier color of font to read on the black background? Is there another color font you'd recommend for being on the black background? Or do you think it's the black background that's affecting your eyes?

I'm totally willing to try to help my readers out, just bare with me while we try some stuff.

Thanks again for letting me know and for your comments! =)

belinda said...

I really think it's the black background. For me, the blue is easier to read than the white and the bigger the letters the easier it is to read. I enjoy reading what you have to say, but don't change just for me.