Sunday, October 17, 2004

Home From Abilene Once Again...

So my trips to Abilene luckily are more frequent than not. I say this because I don’t know what I’d do without getting to see some of my favorite people in the world. While the main purpose of my trip this weekend was not specifically to hangout with my friends, it inevitably happened anyways!

As most of my blogs about “just returning from Abilene” tend to go, this weekend I once again had the pleasure of hanging out with many different friends. On some of my trips to town I find myself spending longer periods of time with fewer friends and then on some trips I find myself spending smaller portions of time with many friends. I would have to say this trip followed suit of the latter case.

It began by getting to see a number of GATAs at the GATA vs. Siggie flag football game that I was fortunate enough to get into town in time to catch the second half of. Following the game I got to spend some time with my buddy Aracely as we ran across town to run an errand for my buddy Jennifer Ellison. Then it was on to seeing my buddy Becca at the library. This gave me an opportunity to watch the Cards kick the Astros butt via the internet with her! ;) When I left there I went over to her house to see her roommates, and my buds, Cheryl, Liz, and Leah. Then it was late and time to get to Ellison’s for night of rest before Friday.

Friday—I got to go to Chapel and see MANY great GATAs as well as the Flames. I was even “made” to sing around the fountain with them all afterwards. Then it was GATA lunch time! Fazoli’s, not necessarily my favorite place, but it was good for reminiscing with my pals! It turned out afterwards that Janaye, Stacia, and Becky needed rides back to ACU, so they deciding they would “risk” riding with me, rather than having to walk. I say risk because if you ask them, they were questioning whether I even had a driver’s license, but if you have ever ridden with me before, I’m sure you’re aware that I’m a good driver.

So, what else was included in Friday’s fun? Janaye and I went and signed the book for the Trevathan family that was in the sociology office; Brandi Woodard and I took a random trip out to Lake Fort Phantom so I could finally see it; Janaye and I went to the visitation for Charles Trevathan and got to talk with Dubie Ray and Senator Bob Hunter while we were there; Liz, Chris, Stacia and I went to the showing of Spiderman 2 in Cullen, but I’ll have to admit, Liz and I paid no attention to the movie, we just caught up on life in general by whispering VERY quietly through the entire movie!; then I got to spend some much needed catch-up time with my good friend Misty at her house later that night! It was good to spend quality time with her and her roomie Jenni. Then it was off to Ellison’s house at 1 AM for another night of sleep!

Sat.—I went and got Sonic and had lunch with Reiff and Laura at their house. Then it was time for the funeral. I got to sit at the funeral with Laura, Reiff, Liz and Chris. The funeral was 2-hours, but I didn’t once have to look at my watch because it was nothing short of amazing to hear the life of such an inspirational man. Then it was on to get some real food in me. I didn’t eat much of my lunch, so I went and enjoyed some good ol’ Rick and Carolyns! Then it was GATA flag football practice time and Janaye convinced me to change clothes in my car and play with them since their numbers were a little limited! Man, it was good to throw a football again!

Now, from football practice on, the rest of the day was a SOOO much fun! I can’t go into a lot of the details, but I’ll list what all was included: pranking, playing old school Nintendo, pranking, watching BRAVE souls go into “the crack house,” sharing the “dead baby house story,” hanging with “a prostitute,” having nine of us RANDOMLY show up at Becca, Cheryl, Liz, and Leah’s, and then a fun time at IHOP! Yeah, so maybe I didn’t get to bed till 2:45 AM, but it was GREAT fun! I want to thank Lindsey Miller, Angela Rawlings, Janaye Batiste, Stacia Barton, Echo, Erin Clardy, Flame Courtney, Flame Heather, and Jennifer Ellison for the loads of fun we had at some point during the night together. [Disclaimer: all those listed above were not with me all night, so this does not incriminate ANY of them in pranking. No where have I said who I pranked with.]

Sunday I slept in late and got to shoot the breeze with Ellison for a short while before I went and hit Rick and Carolyn’s for a final “Not-so-big burger” to take on the road with me for the trip back to Irving at around 2:45 PM.

What a weekend and what a blast getting to hang and chat with SOO many fun folks!
I love y’all!


Emily said...

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Jennifer said...

I CANNOT believe you spelled Dewby wrong. Do we need to do bid night over again? I'm gonna tell her, and she's gonna eat you alive at GATA Breakfast! HA! I'd love to see that! :)