Saturday, October 30, 2004

Interesting Blogs...

People intrigue me! I love people (you probably already knew that). Something draws me to people and I love meeting new folks! That’s another opportunity for making another friend!

So, not keeping myself occupied very intellectually last night (AKA “bored”) I took advantage of the “next blog” button that is located in the upper right hand corner of this screen. When you click that it takes you to another random person’s blog. I’ll have to admit, I enjoy good pieces of journaling from other folks, even if I don’t know them. Usually you can read just a few sentences or even just the titles of some of their blogs and tell if they will be something of interest to you. Well, I found two blogs right off the bat that totally kept my interest. The first is a gentlemen who proclaims to be gay. His blogs include great humor, fun(ny) pictures, some “not for kids” pictures, and some interesting books he is reading. I must admit, I am interested in this one book he talks about called “Magical Thinking.” Anyways, his blog is one I’ve bookmarked for future reading and I just find it to be all-around fun. It is located at

My second find is more of a “well worth the read” kind of blog. This blog belongs to a 17 year old girl who is what I would call an intellectual AND quite a trip! This girl literally had me laughing out loud, which is funny to think because I’ve never even met/seen the chick, nor do I really even know anything about her. What first drew me into her blog was the opening post which was so touching and hit at home for me because I’ve just recently blogged as a sense of “relief” about a death that meant a lot to me too. This young girl’s blog spoke about a woman who just died from cancer and left behind her family. This young girl was apparently close to this woman and through her blog she expressed the sorrow she was feeling. I couldn’t help but comment to this young girl because I felt her pain. I won’t say “I know what she’s going through” because we never can know that, but I too understand the sense of relief bloggin’ about something like that brings to an individual. But after I read on through her blogs following that entry I couldn’t stop! This girl is literally a TRIP! She has these one blogs she calls, “100 Things You May or May Not Know About Me” and she breaks them up into lists of 10 statements and blogs them every so often in “volumes.” I find these to be SOOO clever (and HILAROUS usually). I’ve convinced myself I HAVE to copy this idea (yeah, so it didn’t take much “convincing!” HA!) She is also quite the poet (even though I’ve never really had much of an interest for poetry). I totally recommend this “random” blog to you and it can be found at

So, random blog reading has been a source of fun for me recently. I’d recommend it for a rather “boring” night! It’s funny too because you NEVER know what you’ll come across. Many times you get blogs in undecipherable languages, or ones that play random music, or my favorite, pictures of the folks (some rather cute and you’re thinking to yourself, “why am I ewing and awing at these random people’s babies?!” HA HA!)

So, check out the blogs I recommend and feel free to send me some interesting ones you find!

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