Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Seeking an older, wise, experienced (in the sense of life in general), storytelling gentleman. Some helpful characteristics include having a warm smile, an always ready word of encouragement, and always willing to share in a good laugh. Bonus characteristics include a passion and true joy for people and life in general.

In need of advice and reassurance. Searching for an individual with greater wisdom who is willing to help interpret the painting which we call life.

[There's some situations that are strong reminders of events of the past. My Tuesday night class is one of them, so the 20 minute drive there is hard to not think about some things. Also, with my paper coming up that I was going to write over Chuck, that is yet another strong reminder....]

Will You Be There by: Michael Jackson
In my darkest hour;
In my deepest despair;
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials;
And my tribulations;
Through all doubts;
And frustrations;
In my violence;
In my turbulence;
Through my fear;
And my confessions;
In my anguish;
And my pain;
Through my joy;
And my sorrow;
In the premise of another tomorrow;
I’ll never let you part;
For you’re always in my heart.

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Doug Newman said...

Alohas Kimberly,

Keep writing, you've a good style on it, I enjoy reading your lines,,

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